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Five fab centrepiece ideas
Five fab centrepiece ideas

Five fab wedding centrepiece ideas

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When it comes to dressing your wedding tables, how do you decide what to pop on them to spruce them up? Maybe you’ve got a theme or colour palette you want to fit with, or you want to make a grand impression on your guests. That’s great, but you also want to make sure you’re not blocking your guests’ view of each other or the important action on the top table or dancefloor, and you don’t want to take up so much of the table space that there’s no room for the food or drink! So if you’re looking for tables fit for the fanciest party, here are five centrepiece suggestions to make your tables top notch.

1. Tall

Go easy on this one – as I mentioned, it’s no good blocking everyone’s view! So how do you do tall and impressive without taking over the table?! I think using clear accessories is a good idea. Being able to see through and around should ensure no one’s view is blocked, and it lifts the decoration off the table to make sure it doesn’t feel cluttered or over-full.

Five fab centrepiece ideas

2. Wild

I love a wild flower display – it throws a little chaos into the prim and proper starched white-wedding-world. Wild table displays mean that each will be unique and different. I love the idea of creating similar displays for each table, but with different flowers for each. A little less structured, but no less beautiful. Alternatively, go really wild with succulents or cacti – super fun!

Five fab centrepiece ideas

3. Candles

Who doesn’t love a candle?! Using candles of different heights will create a really pretty display whilst still ensuring no view is blocked by enormous candle creations! Mix it up with a flower/candle combo, just as long as the flowers are far enough away not to catch fire! And crystals can be a stunning addition, sparkling gently in the flickering candlelight.

Five fab centrepiece ideas

4. Greenery

I adore the combination of crisp white linen and fresh greenery. Perfect for an outdoor wedding or a relaxed dinner with banquet tables, a lush green runner creates a gorgeous effect. Using a single material such as foliage really ties the décor together, and works perfectly if your colour palette is hues of green!

Five fab centrepiece ideas

5. Edible

Now this is a bit of fun, and you might end up at the end of the night with no centrepieces left, but how sustainable is that?! Saving waste by eating the centrepieces! I love it! Strawberry trees are fun, as are impressive fruit creations and cupcake bouquets, or just a bowl of coloured sweets. Alternatively, how about an ice sculpture for each table with fruit or flowers suspended inside? Not quite edible, but there’ll be no waste as it’ll gently melt away through the evening.

Five fab centrepiece ideas

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