Floral Flights of Fancy

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding. They complement your chosen palette, create drama and let’s be honest, a bride walking down the aisle empty handed just looks like she’s forgotten something!

So how do you go about deciding on the best bouquets, decorations and other floral accompaniments? We’ve gathered up a few of our favourite ideas for some blooming marvellous creations.

One colour, one love

Choosing to have a single colour for your florals makes a bold statement. It can really heighten the excitement by creating the most spectacular display. Opt for a bright pop, or simple and clean white, and fill the spaces with different varieties of your chosen hue.

This floral arch creates a superb, romantic connection between areas, leading your guests into the next celebration space. Decadent, opulent and extravagant, we love the way it frames the walkway in such a pretty way.

Pretty as a picture          Photo: Carla Ten Eyck

These single colour bouquets are a beautiful option. Bright and cheerful, they really define the accent colour and make a gorgeous statement bridal piece.

Sunny sunflowers          Photo: Chyna Darner
Striking reds          Photo: Brittany Lauren Photography

Waltz of the flowers

If you simply have to have flowers everywhere you turn, then you’ll definitely be needing one of these – by event designer Preston Bailey – a dancefloor filled with luxurious blooms. Illuminated from beneath this simply stunning masterpiece would have you staring at your feet all night. It completely transforms the space, giving a centrepiece that doesn’t stop at table decoration!

Flowers underfoot          Photo: John Labbe

If you’re yearning for a flower filled dancefloor, why not hang a beautiful centrepiece above your guests’ heads? This floral sensation gives dancers a treat to gaze up to as they dance the night away.

Beautiful centrepiece for your dancefloor          Photo: Katie Stoops

Wild wedding

If you’re going for a natural or relaxed vibe, why not choose to go wild with your flower choices? Include feathers, berries, herbs and wildflowers to create a look that’s really on trend right now. Choose red maple leaves, blackberries and brown feathers for an autumnal look, and daisies, long grasses and herbs like lemon verbena for your summer displays. Adding herbs creates wonderful fragrance too!

Wildflowers for a wild wedding           Photo: Herbert & Isles
Berry nice!          Photo: Simone Anne Photography

Take it outside

A destination beach wedding means the decoration is already done for you! But why not create a splash of colour with a flower-lined aisle and gorgeous floral arch at the end? This beautiful display doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of the beach and only enhances an already stunning view.

Pretty petal aisle

Or bring the outside in!

If your celebrations are inside, but you can’t resist the feeling of a wedding within nature, this floral ceiling should tick all the boxes. Perfectly accompanied by a gorgeous chandelier, we love its abundant decadence and feeling of seclusion – like being tucked away in a secret garden or in a magical fairytale forest. Just imagine the gorgeous scent that will gently fragrance your day!

Utterly indulgent foliage          Photo: Hazelnut Photography

Bold and bright or delicate and muted, the floral choices are endless. But rest assured, we haven’t come across a flower we didn’t like yet, so whatever you decide, they’re bound to be simply fabulous!