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Forget the flowers

Alternatives to floral decor


No flowers, no problem

Flowers have always been an integral part of any wedding. Bringing colour, fragrance and beauty, they provide a soft, natural element to the day. But maybe you’re not a fan of tradition. Or flowers! Or maybe there are some allergies that you really don’t need to be fighting on your big day! So here’s some alternatives to ensure your day is still beautiful whilst remaining floral free.

Go rustic

Driftwood gives a really gorgeous texture to decor and provides eye-catching centrepieces. Pair with succulents or candles for an added dimension.

isha foss - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Isha Foss
eggsotic events - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Eggsotic Events

Light a lantern

Metal lanterns can fit with so many themes. Vintage, chic, boho or a beautiful Moroccan vibe – hang them from trees or line your aisle with them. You can even fill them with foliage, fairy lights or candles. So many options!

southbound bride - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Southbound Bride
Greg Finck - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Greg Finck

Go fishing

Add some movement to your centrepieces with live fish. Gorgeous goldfish add colour and interest to a table. Just make sure they’ve got good homes, post wedding!

11deer pearl flowers - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Deer Pearl Flowers

2c07888a8394e873dcc94016283ddad9 - Forget the flowers

Candles galore

A traditional candle can be such a pretty, elegant choice of decor. With weddings, the more the prettier and the bigger, the better. If you’re going for candles, really go for it! Use nothing but the wax marvels and make sure they’re beautifully scented. Hang them, stack them, line them…

bamber photography - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Bamber Photography
Wonderful Wedding Candle Ideas That You Will Adore 2 - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Katie Stoops Photography
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Sprinkle some fairy magic

Fairy lights are just magical. Used well they can create the most dreamy atmosphere. Nets of little lights cast a breathtaking light and make a great backdrop. Wrap strings round trees for an outdoor wedding and hang them from the ceiling indoors in rows for gorgeous detail. You can even stuff them in jars for cute centrepieces.

THE LANE 1 - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: The Lane
a97c8b1b54191a531075c3b7c74c951e budget wedding receptions wedding reception lighting - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: The Lane

Shell out

Beach weddings bring their own theme, but stick to a classy, chic decoration and be picky with your shell decor. Impressive shells and washed up coral make spectacular centrepieces and polished oyster shells make the perfect place names.

diy beach wedding ideas seashell centerpiece su05 0615 vert - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Martha Stewart Weddings
2014 12 23 0046 e1511882829638 - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Hunter Ryan Photo

Up and away

Balloons may not seem the classiest decor, but they don’t have to just be reserved for kids birthday parties. Filled with glitter, feathers or snow, huge balloons are a fabulous prop for photos and combined with soft fabric actually make really effective centrepieces. A rainbow of balloons is visually striking as well!

Asylum Chapel wedding Photographer  weheartpictures 0041 1 - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: We Heart Pictures

12765c10b6d7dd9431e75fdd02f16b9b - Forget the flowers

Tickle your fancy

Soft and versatile, feathers can add a gorgeous luxury texture to the decor. Create a feather bouquet or striking centrepieces. Team with metallics for a truly chic display.

devlin photos - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Devlin Photos
2f777925adfeeb42943e4b859eab3d19 - Forget the flowers
IMAGE: Southern Girl Weddings on Etsy

There are so many alternatives to flowers, it’s worth considering a different option. Ribbons, books, birdcages – there are plenty more ideas! But if you just have to include some beautiful blooms in your day there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate some of these alternative ideas too. It’s your day – fill it with your personality!

For more decor ideas, visit our style and themes page.

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