How To Buy A Wedding Ring To Compliment Your Engagement Ring

With the festive period fast approaching, the sales of diamond engagement rings as well as wedding rings hit a record high, with this in mind a lot of couples are on the hunt not only for the perfect wedding ring but are in need of expert advice.

What could be more beautiful than the perfect diamond engagement ring? A wedding ring that enhances and compliments it of course! But how do you make sure that your rings don’t clash (figuratively and literally).

Fortunately, TV diamond expert Vashi Dominguez the founder of  helps thousands of couples each year get it right, both in sourcing rings and providing advice. Vashi has shared his knowledge in the media and on TV channels such as BBC News, ITV, Channel 4, CNN, CNBC and Sky News and today is sharing his pearls of diamond wisdom to the readers of 5 Star Wedding Directory.

How to choose Engagement Ring

  • Buy the two rings together

OK, so buying two rings before you’ve proposed might be a bit presumptuous. But if you’ve already discussed marriage or you’re choosing an engagement ring after the question has been popped, then buying the two rings together could make it easier to find the perfect pairing.

  • Shape your wedding ring around your engagement ring

If you have a particularly big diamond or raised halo type setting, it could be tricky to find a round wedding band that literally doesn’t constantly clash with your engagement ring. You can buy a ring (or have one specially made) that curves neatly around your engagement ring for the perfect fit….everything and every design is possibly.

  • Think about metals

Some people hate the matching look, others adore it; contrasting metals are interesting to many, others feel they clash. There’s no right or wrong, but if, for example, you think that having a yellow gold wedding band next to a white gold engagement ring might bother you, then consider matching metals.
Don’t necessarily overdo the diamonds…

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Until they get caught on everything you touch! If you already have a substantial rock, perhaps go for a more subtle wedding band with fewer or smaller diamonds, to avoid catching and snagging clothing.

Diamond Rings by Vashi Dominguez
Diamond Rings by Vashi Dominguez
  • Mirror signature stones

If you have a standout stone, such as a sapphire in your engagement ring, why not make it part of your wedding band’s motif? Including the same stone in your wedding ring can really marry two styles and show that the pieces are part of a set.

Finally …cherish the experience of buying the wedding bands together; he may have spent months in secret getting the engagement ring right but share the wedding ring experience together as it’s a really important part of your vows on the bigday.

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