A Great British Christmas At Rise Hall

If you have not yet heard about the new series on Channel 4 Monday at 8 pm with Sarah Beeny, it sounds like it will be a fabulous show.

Sarah Beeny and her family find out how festive celebrations in Britain have changed in the past years as they delve into the history of their Yorkshire grand Georgian Mansion Rise Hall.

Georgian Mansion Rise Hall.

Sarah and her artist hubby Graham Swift, plus their four, cute sons get together to look at how Christmas traditions in Britain came about. They talk about the first ever Christmas card, homemade Georgian garlands and various historical costumes, even getting dressed up for the occasion.

“We have a family tradition in our house,” explains Sarah. “Everybody who comes over has to make a decoration for the tree, which can be anything from a paper fairy to a ping-pong ball covered in glitter.

Here is our interview with Sarah Beeny and her magnificent wedding venue when she just took her new venture, Rise Hall.