How To Choose Your Ideal Wedding Rings

How to choose your wedding rings
DeJoria ORRIN engagement ring

So, your big day is rapidly approaching.  The venue is booked, cars arranged, cake ordered and dress fittings done.  But what about your wedding rings?  These are your tokens of love which you will hopefully be wearing for the rest of your life, and which also play an integral part in your wedding service, so make sure you pay them the attention that they deserve.

First and foremost, it is worth noting that the choice of which wedding rings to choose often varies considerably between men and women.

For many women who, remember, already wear a diamond engagement ring on their fourth finger, the choice of wedding ring is largely determined by this engagement ring both in terms of design, width and metal.  In other words, they will probably want a similar ring shank profile for their wedding ring as they already have with their engagement ring.  Likewise, if they currently have a platinum diamond engagement ring, then they will probably want a platinum wedding ring.  And finally, if they have a delicate engagement ring band, then it is likely that the wedding ring will need to follow suit.  Of course, these guidelines don’t apply to all, just the majority.

The decision for men, on the other hand, is much easier.  They simply go for the male version of the wedding ring that their partner has chosen or, alternatively, choose a completely different profile which fits their individual style and preference.  In today’s jewellery market, there is a wide variety of wedding ring profiles, from the classic D shaped and court shaped bands through to more modern flat bands.

Today, an increasing number of people, especially ladies, are also choosing to have diamond set wedding rings, with these often replicating the shape of a diamond in their engagement ring.  The diamonds in these wedding rings are often subtle and understated, with perhaps 6 diamonds set at regular intervals around the band as, ultimately, the last thing you want is for the wedding ring to overshadow the beauty of the diamond engagement ring.

The choice of finishes offered by wedding ring specialists such as, for example, has also increased in recent years, with customers being able to choose from a polished, satin or matte finish to suit their individual tastes.  Other styling features such as millgrain edging and diamond grooving can also be incorporated by many retailers as well.  And, finally, why not have your wedding rings engraved with a personalised message such as the date of your wedding, or perhaps a nickname that you have for each other.  This small inscription is usually done on the inside of the wedding rings so it is not visible when you are actually wearing the ring, but is always there to remind you of your special day, your loving relationship, and your partner with whom you have just committed to sharing the rest of your life.