How To Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring should be symbol of your love and the beginning of your lives together. Have you noticed that most engagement rings in jewellery shops all look pretty similar?

If you crave an engagement ring that is full of personal meaning and as unique are your love, you may want to consider commissioning with a custom engagement ring.

Here are 5 tips on the best way to design your own engagement ring.

Engagement Ring

1. Research

To get an idea of what she might like when designing a custom engagement ring try trawling her jewellery box  to get a sense of your beloved’s jewellery style. This may give you an idea of the type of style she likes, for instance, vintage or Art Deco.  Also keep your eyes peeled at other peoples rings and if you see one you like, ask them where it was bought or who designed it.

Engagement Ring

2. Take Notes

Start making notes of elements that you admire, for example gemstones you like, metal colours and types of settings. If you want to create a custom engagement ring with personal meaning the hardest part is figuring out what you want the ring to “say.” Alot of people may feel daunted at this concept. Try starting by just writing down how your partner makes you feel, traits that they have and milestones of your relationship, for example where you met, or perhaps a place that you traveled together to, the possibilities are endless. You can also collect imagery such as of paintings and landscapes that mean something to you as a couple. You can use this list as a reference when you come to sketch ideas.

Engagement Ring

3. Remember the Wedding Band

Remember to consider that it won’t be long till there will be a wedding band keeping your custom engagement ring company. Make sure you have thought about how a wedding band will sit alongside the engagement ring. If you have a unusual band on your engagement ring then you may need to consider having a coordinating custom wedding band.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

4. Find a Designer

There a variety of designers that offer a custom engagement ring service. You may be able to get a referral for a designer from a friend or family member. One option to save money is to find an online jeweller. Companies like Rare Pink will work with you over the phone, email or in face to face consultations to help you create your bespoke engagement. It’s important that you choose your jeweller well as you will rely on them to help you with design sketches, choosing the right diamond or gemstones and bringing the ring to life.

Make sure you stand by your design but do heed their advice: they know rings and what doesn’t and does work even if it seems like a great idea in your head.

Engagement Ring

5. Get Certification

If your designer has helped you purchase the stone, make sure that it is accompanied by full certification and a quality grading report. It is also important to ensure that your custom engagement ring comes with an insurance appraisal so that you can have it insured for the appropriate amount.

Custom Made Engagement Ring

Designing a custom engagement ring is such a special and meaningful way to show your loved one just how special they are. This custom engagement ring could be worn for generations by your ancestors as an heirloom so make sure you don’t rush and consider the design.

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