How to Plan a Green Wedding

green weddingIf you are a couple with ecological concerns and you want your wedding to be “environmentally friendly”, there are now options on how to Plan a Green Wedding. Making a wedding with eco spirit will succeed, apart from a very nice theme wedding, in raising awareness for your guests. Here are some ways on how to Plan a Green Wedding.

First of all, you need to look to find space for your wedding reception whose revenue will go to ecological organizations; or, try to find a space, which is itself protected, or a municipal park that is able to provide you an ideal backdrop for your pictures. You should organize your wedding reception during the day, so as to take advantage of the sunlight; if you need to have it during the evening, you can make use of candle light and spend as little as possible into electricity. Select a catering company that uses organic products and wine, so as to give an example of health and green approach to your guests. A forever green wedding venue is also something you can easily find, if you consult with an online wedding planner who has a deep knowledge of eco-friendly venues and materials.

Use recycled paper for your wedding invitations. You may also send an electronic invitation (of course only to those who can actually open and read an email) and send invitations in paper only to those who are not familiar with the latest technology. This is also a money saving option; the money you will save you can give them to eco-friendly organizations or NGOs with “green” concerns.

Instead of a typical wedding dress that you can buy or rent, choose a white dress which you can reuse. You can even wear the wedding dress of your mother, or something that has sentimental value. If you want to get a new dress (and the truth is that you will not have plenty opportunities to dress as a bride), choose one be made of some natural material such as raw silk.

Show some originality with your engagement ring and buy it from shops that make jewelry from recycled materials or products that recycle themselves. There are numerous natural materials which can be recycled or re-used and re-shaped and are amazingly beautiful and intriguing.

Instead of the traditional bridal bouquet hold seasonal flowers and have not grown in a greenhouse. For the main adornment use the same flowers, herbs or even plants in pots that guests can take with them leaving.

Similarly, select the makeup artist who uses makeup kits and cosmetics that have not been tested in animals and are eco-friendly. If you wish to organize a green wedding, you need to make sure that all your actions and your choices reflect an eco- friendly concept.

Keep in mind that weddings with nature friendly concept are based on simplicity and on love for natural things. There are “green” versions of most things related to a wedding; therefore, you need to consider where you can spend more money and which eco-friendly aspects you should emphasize on.