10 Reasons to Marry in Winter

The prime seasons for weddings and similar events are all the others, except for the winter. In winter, as it is proven by data of the national statistical service, fewer marriages take places.

Of course for christenings, everyone understands that winter is not appropriate to put a baby in this process. For weddings though? Why are people getting married in winter?

10 Reasons to Marry in Winter
10 Reasons to Marry in Winter

Here then, are a few good reasons to marry in winter:

  1. Winter is a wonderful time and the search of warmth and togetherness, brings people closer. Would there be something better great your guests to be overwhelmed by beautiful emotions?
  2. Until now, as mentioned above, winter weddings are the fewest. According to the law of supply and demand, if the supply remains the same and demand is significantly reduced, prices fall. So in many cases you can get better financial deals and you can save lots of money easily.
  3. In the church or town hall you will not encounter any problems on the day and time you want to get married and you will not have to settle for the available dates of the church. Although, the truth is that there are numerous places to get married in winter, since the availability is higher.
  4. Hardly a guest will ever forget your wedding, since your wedding will not be the same as several others, as inevitably happens with summer weddings.
  5. The designs of wedding dresses for winter weddings are accompanied by unique accessories (umbrellas, gloves, hats, boleros, fur etc.) ; therefore, with a winter wedding you are opting for a distinctive look, which you might complement with a pair of impressive boots instead of the classic bridal shoes. For your appearance you can enhance your dress with fur details and use heavier romantic fabrics add more prestige.
  6. For the decoration you can use winter colors like plum or burgundy and achieve impressive results. For flower decoration there are beautiful winter flowers and plants that will attract the attention of your guests and you will offer an experience that they have seen before. You can use also for the church and reception hall, various candles and candles will add a special warmth to your wedding. In summer we all seek simple and light touches to their wedding. A winter wedding can be clearly more luxurious.
  7. Thematically, you will have the opportunity to make individual choices. In winter we celebrate Christmas, the day of lovers, while the Snow Queen has always a special place in our hearts, like snowflakes.
  8. Chocolate is loved passionately in the cold days of the year. You can invest in this boldly now, with the wedding cake becoming a chocolate heaven for all.
  9. In winter you will have significantly fewer guests who will not be able to attend the wedding. In summer, most are away on vacation or have another obligation on that day (wedding, etc.). In winter, you will get wedding wishes from most of your friends.
  10. Imagine your own album instead of having photos next to the sea, as the albums of many of your girl friends, to have photos of the chalet you chose to photograph the next day, or the bustling streets of downtown.