Ian Stuart Bride Launches His 2013 Bridal Collection

Ian Stuart Bride launches his 2013 bridal collection at White Gallery London 20-22 May 2012 and will present a luxurious selection of couture wedding dresses. Balancing strong themes has been paramount for Ian while designing this collection, ensuring that he combines his two greatest passions, innovative design, and historical influence.

Ian Stuart
Ian Stuart Bridal Sketch

Excited by the renewed interest in costume, with the revival of period dramas and era films, Ian has studied the finer details of such gowns and reinterpreted them for the modern bride. In contrast, inspired by methods of great couturiers past and present, Ian has spent time exploring his exceptional flair for inventive pattern cutting, creating stunning shapes and silhouettes that will excite the next generation of fashion-conscious brides.

In focusing his efforts to merge the old with the new, Ian has sought out some alluring and contemporary fabrics. A stunning selection of jacquards, brocades, and prints sit beautifully alongside the traditional silks and taffetas he already uses. And remaining true to his love of colour, Ian has opted for a deliciously sweet palette, in chalky and glazed tons of sugary pastels and café crèmes.

Texture is also featured heavily in this collection. Ian has been developing new fabric treatments that he has used to for both subtle and dramatic effect, as well as using his masterful draping skills to create intricate textures and clever detailing.

His passions and talents are fused seamlessly to create a collection that is distinctive, cutting edge and unmistakably Ian Stuart. See these striking new designs in full glory on the White Gallery London Catwalk at 12 pm 20th May & 21st May.

For more information visit www.whitegallery.com