Ideas To Choose The Right Diamond Cut

If you are thinking about purchasing a diamond ring for your special someone, whether it is for a proposal or an anniversary, it is important to think about the cut of the diamond. A lot is said about a person by the diamond cut. Here are some tips to choose the best diamond cut ring.

wedding ringsDiamond Cut And Her Style?

The most important thing to think about when choosing a diamond cut for an engagement or anniversary ring is what is the recipient’s personal style? Most diamond cuts cue into specific styles. For example, right now the princess cut diamond ring is extremely popular. A princess diamond cut ring will be the first choice of the lady who likes trendy things. However, someone who is more eclectic and who might, for example, prefer second-hand stores and antique shops to trendy boutiques would probably appreciate an antique diamond ring or a cushion-cut diamond ring that harkens back to a few decades ago.

In addition, before buying an engagement or anniversary ring you should think about your special someone’s flashiness style. Does your special someone like to be bold and flashy or does she prefer to be demure and muted? If your special someone likes to be the centre of the attention and to flash whatever new object she has, you will probably do best buying something big, bulky, and flashy. If your special someone is more demure and does not like being in the centre of attention, a smaller diamond cut would be more appropriate.

Price Range Of Diamond Cuts

You should also think about your price range when deciding on a diamond cut. While most of the traditional diamond cuts like ovals, circles, and even cushion cuts are pretty equal in a price range, some custom diamond cuts can be very pricey. It is possible to get a diamond cut into almost anything, whether it is a heart or a star or any other geometric shape. But custom cut diamonds can be very pricey. If you are looking for something unique but cannot afford to have the diamond made into a unique shape, try searching in antique stores. You can usually find some very interesting and possibly even one of a kind piece in antique stores and you will not pay even a fraction of the cost of a new ring. Before shopping in antique stores make sure that your special someone is alright with getting a second-hand ring.