Ideas on Autumn Weddings

Ideas on Autumn Weddings – Did you know September is the most popular month for weddings? 14% of couples choose this month for their wedding day. October is the third most popular month and 12% of the couples choose for their wedding.

And another 6% of all marriages every year will take place in November. If we add the above we see that 32% of couples choose an autumn month to get married, so there must be a very good reason why so many couples choose this time of year for their wedding. Indeed, it is easy to understand that autumn weddings are indeed popular and not unusual at all.

Ideas on Autumn Weddings
Ideas on Autumn Weddings

Many couples say that they prefer to get married in fall much more than in the warm and full of moisture summer months but there is another less obvious reason … it is said that most relationships start in autumn, therefore many couples want to have their wedding on the same month or if conditions permit even on the same day! Autumn is perhaps the most convenient time to organise your wedding. The summer has just ended and you’re rejuvenated and fresh. There is a longing in climate because winter starts and what better way to start the winter with a joyful event. So if you have decided to get married in fall and looking for some creative ideas, you have found the right article.

Autumn is an exciting time of year for weddings and the theme of the decoration is very easy as you can take advantage of the beautiful autumn colours as the backdrop to your wedding. If you choose to get married in September or October or you live in an area where the weather is still nice and relatively warm, consider making your wedding at an outside area.

Choosing a leisurely outdoor autumn wedding theme will make you feel more relaxed and will release a great stress regarding the wedding decoration from you. The weddings that take place outdoors in autumn have a very easy theme for decoration and will provide you with a truly cosy and beautiful background for your pictures as well.

Regarding the flower decoration, flowers are in abundance this time of year and give you many different themes for decoration. Cyclamen pink, red or white, egg with beautiful deep purple, yellow lilies, begonias even night flowers (or Kestro the Night) will give a distinctive look to your wedding venue. Apart from flowers, you can use small pears, grapes or even red or green apples! These choices of the decorative autumnal wedding are not only beautiful but quite cheap as well.

As for colours, choose one of the beautiful autumn colours like orange, red, yellow or brown. Choose ribbons that will tie the flowers and various other decorations in these beautiful colours so as to have the final and finishing touch. You can also become original and choose earth colours for your autumn wedding outfits as well; a beige or soft off white colour is ideal for your wedding dress or the dresses of your bridesmaids.

Keep in mind, that if you organise an autumn wedding, you will not need to worry about sending invitations too early, because autumn wedding invitations have the advantage that will find all of your guests at home, and not in some remote island spending their vacation time!

Tip: Also no need to worry and beverages – soft drinks for your guests as the chill of the day will make the ice lasts much longer than the summer months. If you wish to find additional tips and ideas on autumn weddings check the 5 Star Wedding Directory for more!