Interview: Daniel Sandler – Celebrity Makeup Artist

Daniel Sandler has been a make artist for the last 20 years, and often seen on QVC. He has worked with some of the most recognisable household celebrity names but names Jade Goody as one of his favourites as he did her make up on her wedding day. He has worked with the top glossy magazines and fashion photographers.

He has also worked on fashion shows of major designers and national TV shows.  In the last four years he has been developing his own make up range which is available countrywide such as Urban Retreat in Harrods. He also supports many charities including The Lady Tavernes, Mad Mentors, The 9 Ball for the Royal Marsden Hospital and All For Eve for the Cancer Research Fund to name but a few.

5 Star Weddings: Daniel you have been in the makeup business for the last 20 years tell us more about your role as a celebrity make up artists and how did your makeup products company came about?

Daniel Sandler: As makeup artist my role is to make anyone look and feel beautiful, it just so happens that these days most of my clients happen to be celebrities. I think this must be down to my reputation as an artist who can deliver what’s necessary for a shoot or red carpet event plus they trust me not to divulge any of their personal secrets to the Press.

My cosmetics line is based on my professional kit that has come with me to every studio and location throughout my career. My kit is relatively small in comparison to other artists’ kits who carry so much stuff that hardly ever gets used. From my small kit I am able to mix and custom-blend colours and textures which now translates into the appeal that my line has for customers.

Celebrity Makeup Artist
Daniel Sandler Celebrity Makeup Artist

5 Star Weddings: Why should brides choose  Daniel Sandler make up artist for their big day?

Daniel Sandler: Because all my wonderful artists are trained by me which means they aren’t heavy-handed and don’t over-makeup anyone.  We understand that a bride needs to look amazing in her photos. She will look at those pictures for years to come so you need one of my professionals who won’t make a bride wear heavy foundation and heavy eye makeup which would look more at home on stage in Las Vegas. All my Artists make a bride look “naturally” beautiful and totally camera-perfect.

5 Star Weddings: What are the trends for brides?

Daniel Sandler: I don’t believe that trends are of much importance to how a bride looks unless she particularly is fashion-led in her day to day life. For me its all about how to look your most beautiful and radiant wearing makeup that your family recognises as you but the best you, ever.

5 Star Weddings: Any famous brides you have looked after?

Daniel Sandler: I am happy to mention just one, Jade Goody, because it meant so much for me to be there for her.

5 Star Weddings: What are your five tips to brides to be for their big day

Daniel Sandler:

1. Have a makeup run-thru then check the makeup in a photo so you can see if you need any more or any less makeup.
2. If having a facial, make sure you have it 10 days before the wedding.
3. Use makeup that’s waterproof and long-lasting.
4. Make sure you carry the lip colour and pressed powder in your bag for touch-ups.
5. Don’t wear too much fake tan on your face and body. Its best to apply a small amount to gently warm up your body’s skin tone but use a lightweight formula of     foundation on your face to match.

5 Star weddings: If any of our brides like to purchase your make up range can you please let us know the stockists?

Daniel Sandler:Urban Retreat Harrods – 020 7893 8333
Dr Boo Beauty Emporium East Dulwich London – 0208 693 4823
Beautique .com http :// www . beautique .com/brand/Daniel_ Sandler . aspx
Lookfantastic .com http :// www . lookfantastic .com/beauty/daniel-sandler

5 Star Weddings: In your view which celebrity bride looked the most gorgeous on her wedding day?

Daniel Sandler: JADE GOODY looked the most gorgeous especially because she was so ill at the time, it was remarkable how strong and determined she was on her big day.

5 Star Weddings: Which celebrity alive or dead would you have liked to do their make up?

Daniel Sandler: Call me old-fashioned but I would prefer to work with a bride that’s alive! I do prefer it when their heart has a beat. I cant mention any names but I would love to makeup any of my existing celeb clientele for their big day.

5 Star Weddings: Who is your favourite celebrity to work with?

Daniel Sandler: They are all lovely. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t work with them as I am lucky to be in the position to say no if I want to.

5 Star Weddings:  Sarah Brock – what are your tips for brides to be when it comes to make up?

1 Use a silicone based primer to help makeup stay perfect all day.
2 Choose the perfect shade/ formula of foundation for your skin. Avoid thick foundations, as they can look greasy and ‘slide’ off your skin after a few hours.
3 Avoid using too many highlighters on your face, as flash photography will highlight these products even more.
4 Create tear-proof eye makeup using an eye primer first. Also use a waterproof eyeliner and mascara.
5 Take a touch up kit with you – a blotting powder, lipstick, lip-gloss and tissues for any wedding day tears.

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