IWP Collection recently told us all about the experiences of some brides who have used their new service – with stunning results!

Romantic or dramatic, classic or creative..what do you think is your style? Whatever the answer, why not choose the best wedding dress to represent it and express your personality? A wedding dress should be the extension of a bride’s soul…

And whilst you’re thinking about style and fit, why not fin a dress that can also enhance your body shape and your features to perfection?

IWP Collection has recently introduced the brand new bridal personal styling service! They are so excited about its launch and are among the first and few wedding planners to have this exclusive option. It is a VIP service that can give brides the chance to get a true “made to measure” bridal style.

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Your first trip to a bridal boutique can be a little overwhelming! With hundreds of gorgeous options, it can be tricky to know where to start, and brides often get sidetracked by what is in fashion rather than what might be suitable for them, their body shape and their style and personality. In addition, with the limited fitting times of boutiques, it’s important that brides don’t feel rushed into making a decision. This is why IWP Collection’s new service is so great – saving your time and energy and picking something perfect, just for you.

So how does the whole process work? Here are some real life stories from brides who have used the service.

Laura; a romantic soul, a dreamer, who loves simplicity, in life as in fashion, yet she has also a strong character, determined and secure in her choices. The first step for the stylist is to understand a clients’ personality. That, in addition to the client’s budget, is crucial to make stylistic choices the bride.

But before the dress options were selected, first the colour analysis was carried out, to find the best shade of white for her. White has several shades, like any other colour! There are warm whites (like ivory and off white) and cold whites (like snow white). Laura’s colour analysis revealed that she was more suited to warm whites, so the dress selection could begin!

After the first important considerations on her personality, budget and preferences, Laura was taken to a bridal boutique that the stylist was sure had something perfect for her. Impressed with the selection made for her, Laura fell in love with the first dress, but admitted she probably wouldn’t have selected it on her own!

But, even though a success, Laura was curious to try something else. A similar shape and cut as well as a similar hue, but this time something a bit more detailed and in a boho-retro style with some sparkles.

Obviously, a change in the dress style meant changes of accessories and a little adjustment of the make-up too.

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But..how did they do it all in one day? IWP Collection is in contact with great professionals in London and when booking their service you can also ask for them to join the “club” having an immediate demonstration, a kind of “preview”, of what your total look could be on the big day. This is a great help for the bride, a whole load of worry and time looking for inspiration is saved as each bride will have a personalised consultation so that the dress choices are picked to suit them perfectly.

Two options, similar but different in their own ways, both stunning. This meant that Laura struggled in making her decision, as she was extremely happy with them both. So she stopped there with the trials and eventually made her choice.

A totally different story for Valentina, a very young bride, shy and sweet, with no idea of what could really suit her body or her personality, but she knew she wanted to feel like a princess. The process with her was the same, a quick start with a colour analysis and then on with the dress overview until one was found that made her fall in love at first sight.

Once again the designer was selected based on the client’s budget and preferences and once again it was a success! Valentina had no doubts about her choice and she bought the dress without hesitation.

On the day of the second trial she requested to have her look makeover, so the make-up and hairstyle were arranged, under the stylist’s supervision, then accessories were chosen to complete her total look. She really looked, but most importantly, felt like a princess

We think that Valentina’s expression doesn’t leave any doubt about her satisfaction.

There are even brides that, more than a princess, wish to look like a celebrity! That was, at least, Beatrice’s dream, and her favourite celebrity and style guru was no less than Beyoncé!

Beyoncè often wears dresses from a certain bridal designer for events and awards nights; the same designer that, conveniently, is sold in a London boutique. After consulting the client, an appointment was booked at the boutique and fortunately, the styles available were absolutely gorgeous, suiting Beatrice’s body shape and colours perfectly.

What was the outcome!? …judge for yourself…

Of course, while Beyoncè uses dresses like that for a red carpet, Beatrice was a bride and, after all, needed proper details, so a suitable hairstyle and make-up to suit her features and natural colours finished the look off perfectly.

In the end, Beatrice was ready to amaze everyone with her look that, even if inspired by a Diva, was personalised and unique.

The last real bride is Francesca. A different story again. Francesca is, in fact, a mature woman, with kids, and her wedding has come after several years with her partner.

It’s common for women to move themselves out of the limelight after having children, but when it comes to your wedding, the bride must be the dazzling focal point. So Francesca, a beautiful woman, looked a bit scared of what was waiting for her.

A personal stylist must, of course, respect the client’s preferences, but most of the time they can see beyond appearances and use their skills to encourage the client to try something new.

So as usual, the colour consultation was done, determining her best shades of white and metals, to proceed with the choice of the designer and dress based on her budget, body shape and personality.

She looked sceptical at first, everything seemed “too much” to her eyes, yet the stylist convinced Francesca to try them on and see.

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Once on, she couldn’t deny that the choices were perfect! She was simply shining and her transformation had just begun.

Different stories with different women, each with her own personality and features, budget and requirements, but everyone with a common wish: to be a beautiful bride on their wedding day. And for every one of them, the dream has come true!  IWP Collection looks forward to making your dreams come true with their exclusive bridal personal styling service.