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Real Life ‘Yes!’ Stories


Proposals. We’re a sucker for a romantic engagement story, and last week we were misty-eyed over five celebrity proposals. But what about the best of the rest? This week, we’ve chosen some real life proposals to make you go ahh!

“We met when we were teenagers and grew up together. We had just taken a road trip around the country to visit friends and family, finishing up at our favourite hilltop, with breathtaking scenery and so many memories. The sun was just beginning to set, and we were sitting, watching it disappear. He was a bit jittery, until, in a quiet moment, suddenly he was in front of me on one knee with a beautiful, elegant antique diamond ring.”

John Edward Michael - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories

“A birthday trip to New York – my favourite city in the world – would become home to one more special occasion. After a fabulous few days of first class travel, dinners and Broadway shows, we packed a picnic hamper and made our way to a corner of Central Park. The lunch was delicious – and the proposal even better! He could have done it at any one of the special, expensive moments of our trip, but he showed how well he knew me by picking a quiet, peaceful moment, just the two of us.”

Bel Aire Bridal 1038x692 - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories
Image: Bel Aire Bridal

“We’ve always been a bit crazy, and I will not be outdone when it comes to competing! So when a tree-climbing challenge got slightly out of hand, I was so shocked when he turned, got down on one knee – still balancing on a branch up the tree – and asked me to marry him!”

diane herron photography 1038x692 - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories
Image: Diane Herron Photography

“Our first ever trip together was to Berlin, so it held some really special memories. He surprised me with a birthday trip there and had planned to propose at the top of the TV Tower. When we got there, the tower was shut as the lifts were broken! He was gutted his plan had been scuppered, but instead proposed in the hotel bar, stein in hand – much more ‘us’!”

images guru 1038x723 - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories
Revellers toast with beer during the 179th Oktoberfest in Munich September 28, 2012. Millions of beer drinkers from around the world will come to the Bavarian capital for the 179th Oktoberfest, which runs until October 7, 2012. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle (GERMANY – Tags: SOCIETY ENTERTAINMENT)

“We took a trip to Bath, just the two of us. He barely said a word to me, strange as it was our anniversary and supposed to be a really special occasion and a fun day. Then he asked me to close my eyes and hold out my hands for my anniversary present. When I opened them, he blurted out, “Iloveyouwillyoumarryme?!” very quickly! It was just so sweet!”

1931201 270319450320 7214807 n - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories

Ganesh Himal Hiking Team 1038x381 - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories
Ganesh Himal Hiking Team

“We’ve always been an outdoorsy couple. Any chance to get some fresh air and a challenge, we’re there! We had trekked to Annapurna base camp, in the Himalayas, and I had snuck a half bottle of champagne in my pack. I proposed, she said yes and we celebrated with an appropriate toast, served in a tin mug at 4,000 metres!”

“Two days before Christmas my boyfriend turned to me and said, “I really didn’t want to do this…” – not romantic words any girl wants to hear. “Can I measure your finger?” Where the next words out of his mouth. The poor man had been sneaking around with my other rings for weeks and all of them were different sizes. We wrangled a piece of string around my ring finger, and he made a note of the measurement. I cried and told him it was perfect – just him and me, on the sofa, at home. Then, he seemed to forget the whole thing had happened. But a couple of months later, on my 30th birthday, he put our favourite song on, produced a beautiful art deco ring, and got down on one knee. Just him and me, on the sofa, at home. Obviously, I said no (joke!). The wedding is next year.”

IMG 9604 1 - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories

“He’d had it all planned out perfectly – expensive dinner, gorgeous wine, beautiful music, the romantic starlit proposal in the park… But we left it too late and the park was closed! To my horror, he hops over the fence, and drags me over too – he was so determined to stick to the plan, how could I say no?!”

Axen Media Professional Photography2014 Tyler Sara Engagement Guelph Hand Heart session 1038x693 - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories

“He took me to a fancy Italian restaurant in London then to Phantom of the Opera. Afterwards we went to Jubilee Bridge and he had pre-recorded a pretend audio comedy travel guide on the sights of London (I didn’t even recognise his voice at first!). Then this voice proceeded to say he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! Then he got down on one knee and proposed to me! (After getting the ring stuck in his pocket)”

388066 10150957471415562 1179506758 n - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories

“He proposed to me on stage! We were both performing in a musical production and after the curtain calls, he got down on one knee. The audience’s reaction pretty much drowned out his question, so he had to do it again. I said yes. Both times!”

quite frankly drums 1038x775 - Real Life 'Yes!' Stories

Inspired by our proposal stories? Ready to create a story of your own? You’ll be needing a ring! How about designing your own – full of meaning and as unique as your relationship. Find out how to here.

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