Introducing The 2015 Collection By Amanda Wyatt

Iris was a Greek goddess and her name means the rainbow. In Greek legends and mythology she was the messenger of the gods, traveling to earth on a rainbow to deliver message of promise and hope.

Amanda Wyatt Dress Collection

Iris the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow and the messenger to the gods. Amanda Wyatt the brand that listens, learns and evolves from both it’s brides and brand partners so that close relationships and success has been celebrated and shared for over 20 years.

Iviry Wedding Gown by Amanda Wyatt

Amanda Wyatt has famously become known for being a brand leader and pioneer in the industry and from always listening to the message of what her brides and brand partners want, 2014 see’s the launch of the once per year collection.

Bespoke bridal gowns by Amanda Wyatt

With just 1 collection per year Amanda can concentrate all her love, care and attention on the collection and work closely with her brides and brand partners to produce stunning collections year on year.

Brides with Love Sign From Amanda Wyatt

The ‘Blue Iris’ collection does not disappoint with over 30 enchanting gowns that bring love to life with their beauty. As always with Amanda’s collections there is a wealth of choice, styles, cut, fabrics, colour pallet and price point.

Luxury bridal Gown from Amanda Wyatt

Soft chiffons, French and Italian laces, fine tulle and rich satins are adorned with frosted pearly beading, embellished details in a soft colour palette of Ivory hues, rich Buttermilk and a hint of Blush Pink.

Amanda Wyatt Wedding Dress

With a carefully considered price point there is a gown for all brides’ budgets as well as style and personality.