An Explosion Of Silk From Piers Atkinson’s First Bridal Range

The furries are coming to town in Piers Atkinson’s collection and they aren’t taking the yellow brick road. Lions and tigers and bears mix with Dorothy’s of all sorts for a very mammalian millinery season, hinting at fairy tale stories set in a scary, exciting forest of love and lust.

Piers Atkinson Silk Head Dress

Piers’ first bridal range finishes the collection in a diaphanous explosion of silk. In this furry tale forest the headdresses, with their effusive abundance of sheer white gauze, evokes heavy mists that hover at dawn between the trees – and above the slumbering beasts.

Silk Bridal Head Dress

Among Atkinson’s inspirations for the collection were the writer Angela Carter’s renderings of familiar fairy tales, many of which feature a beauty betrothed to a beast.

Silk Bridal Wedding Veil

All Carter’s brutes have naughty intentions and an appetite for maiden, but where the furry fiancé is fiendish rather than just frisky, the girl always proves herself resourceful. Not all of the stories have happy endings but, as with life, they all promise a good romp along the way.

Luxury Ivory Bridal Head Dress