Celebrity Style – Get Married Like Katy Perry & Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding at the end of October in Rajasthan was without doubt the celebrity wedding this autumn. Anyone looking at those pictures, thinking “wish I could get married like this”, doesn’t need to look any further. Most couples can’t afford to invite 85 of their closest friends to spend a week in a tented camp in India, but the Raj Tent Club can help couples recreate the same atmosphere in the UK.


No flights involved and no gatecrashing tigers either. The Raj Tent Club, renowned internationally for its beautiful collection of handmade tents, can supply a wide range of tents for weddings anywhere in the UK. Couples have several options on how to celebrate their day just like the Brands! If they just want to recreate a bit of India during their reception, instead of hiring a normal marquee, they can choose the Maharaja tent and use some of the Raj’s colourful accessories like cushions and lamps to give it a proper Indian wedding atmosphere.

Prices for the Maharaja tent start from £1,200 (sitting 60 guests) to £4,440 (240 guests). During the summer, little pergolas dotted around the reception garden always add a bit of glamour and gives guests a chance to sit down and relax (from £500 each). If they liked the idea of having all their friends and family staying in a tent city near the venue, those can easily be arranged from £ 600 per tent without furniture. But as a special treat, the couple might like the idea of spending their first night in a luxurious, specially handmade honeymoon tent. In true Rajasthani style the tent is decorated with thousands of little mirrors inside and prices start from £1,500 for a weekend with furniture.

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