Keep them cool – surviving a summer wedding

Ten top tips to keep your guests cool

Here in the UK, summer weddings are a bit of a gamble, weather-wise. It’s always handy to have a plan for rain, but it’s also good to plan for a rare heatwave! Similarly, if you’re heading off to sunny climbs for a destination wedding, you’re probably guaranteed some sun. Keeping guests cool and comfortable will ensure that everyone enjoys your fabulous day.

If you’re planning a wedding al fresco, here are some ideas that we think you definitely should include in your planning!

1. Give them a drink!

If your ceremony is outside, your guests will be there in good time for your entrance, so provide cute vintage style pitchers with refreshing fruit water and let them have a glass in hand whilst you say your vows.

Keep them cool - surviving a summer wedding
Image: Plum Pretty Photography

2. Sweat survival kits

Make sure you stash some sweat-busting kits in both the ladies and gents bathrooms. The poor guys will be melting in their suits, and the girls will be suffering from the energy required to stay upright in stilettos without sinking into the grass! Deodorant, refreshing wipes, face misters and mini fans will all go down well.

Keep them cool - surviving a summer wedding
Image: Save The Day

3. Forget the canapés

*Gasp* Really?! Well, why not go for refreshing ice pops instead? Avoid the issue of sun dried canapés altogether in favour of a cool treat. Cocktail inspired, champagne, fresh juice… the options are endless. If you do choose canapés, make them light and fresh, no one wants to wrestle with a hunk of hot burger, even if it is supposedly ‘mini’.

Keep them cool - surviving a summer wedding

4. Number one fan

Your guests will love you for providing them with fans to give them a bit of a breeze during the ceremony. Be clever and give them just one thing to hold – make your order of service a fan and you’ll avoid sweaty orders of service and keep your guests cool at the same time.

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5. Play in the shade

If you’re inviting children to your day, pop up a few gazebos to give some shade for them to play in. Overheated kids are not fun.

Keep them cool - surviving a summer wedding
Image: notonthehighstreet

6. Parasol Perfection

Avoid the awkwardness of having guests congregating in clusters in the shade and provide some chic parasols. Channel 1920s glamour and let the mingling commence!

Keep them cool - surviving a summer wedding
Image: Gramercy Mansion

7. Sunscreen stations

You really don’t want your guests lobster pink in your photos. But clutch bags are far too small for bottles of sunscreen, so provide sunscreen stations in the bathrooms or on cute little tables outside to make sure your loved ones stay safe.

Keep them cool - surviving a summer wedding
Image: The Budget Savvy Bride

8. Light lunch

Your favourite meal may be a hearty English roast and sticky toffee pudding, but on a hot day, you may find your guests struggling with such a heavy offering. Stick to lighter options with plenty of salads or seasonal veg, and end with a light sorbet.

Keep them cool - surviving a summer wedding
Image: Claire Duval

9. The favourite guest

Invite everyone’s favourite guest. The ice cream van. Hearing the tinkling music as it arrives at your celebration will evoke childhood memories and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Keep them cool - surviving a summer wedding

10. Appropriate dress

Especially if you’re planning a beach wedding, make it clear on the invitations that formal dress is not required. This will be such a relief to your guests and make your hot day more enjoyable!

Keep them cool - surviving a summer wedding

Whatever you choose for your beautiful outdoor wedding, we hope the sun shines on your special day! For more inspiration for your big day, see our wedding ideas page.