Language of Flowers

Do you know the “language of flowers?” On such an important day as the day of your wedding, you should know the symbolism and significance of the flowers you choose. Here in this article, we will reveal to you the significance and interpretation of the flowers you choose to decorate the banquet hall and your bouquet for the wedding; contrary to what most people believe, this is not something you should ignore or consider trivial, because the meanings of flowers will also reveal a lot about your character and the quality of your wedding. Your wedding florists will give you additional details if you need them. 

bunch of flowers

Rose is one of the most beloved and most popular flowers in the world. Generally, it symbolises love, passion and commitment. Depending on the colour of the rose it changes its symbolism. The white rose symbolises purity, beauty, affection and love. The red rose refers to the fiery passion and great love, while pink rose symbolises kindness, happiness, elegance and respect between the couple.

Lily is another beautiful flower, which symbolises purity. It is associated with elegance and beauty and can give an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere nuance to your wedding.

The tulip could also be a good choice because it symbolises the undying love … Any colour you choose, the symbolism remains the same. Declare your love forever and choose the colour you like best for the decoration of your wedding. 

The daisy refers to simplicity, the modesty and tenderness. It is a unique and beautiful flower but it is less common in bridal bouquets because it is considered simple. If you want to declare your affection we recommend that you dare, because it is a quite interesting choice that stands out from the common ones. 

The orchid symbolises the quality of character of the couple and the nobility. It refers to the beauty and grandeur of the soul of the couple and is usually selected by those who wish to demonstrate their noble, elegant and sophisticated character. 

wedding flowers

If you wish to make a statement, but also add a little touch of the sexy and loving Mediterranean style, here is another option for you: the olive.  The olive is the perfect timeless product of Greek nature that symbolises peace, protection, fertility and fecundity. These are elements that you will need in your wedding life; also keep in mind that olives were given to those standing out in the ancient years, as well as the winners of games and sports, therefore, olive is associated with victory in a vague manner. 

Flowers, regardless of their symbolism are always used to enrich the most beautiful day of your Life. They give colour to space and the mood and atmosphere, and help you capture the attention and impress the guests; if you wish to have some particular, or maybe rare flower and you cannot find it ask your florists to make some artificial wedding flowers for you. You will be surprised to see how the beautiful silk flowers wedding selection will work out for you.

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