Treat Your Mother In Law To The Ultimate Nirvana!

Being a mother in law is a full-time job in itself consumed with the frenzied world of school runs, cooking dinners, cleaning the house and juggling many other day-to-day commitments. Mother’s Day on the 18 of March 2012 is the perfect opportunity to show your mother in law just how much you appreciate what she does and what better way to do it than to treat her to the ultimate relaxation experience at the UK’s largest award-winning Nirvana Spa in the heart of Berkshire.

Roman Pool Blue Water
Roman Pool Blue Water

Nirvana Spa is renowned for its pure water source being home to six pure, natural pools fed by a spring deep underground with water clean enough to drink. Nirvana Spa’s famous floatation therapy pool contains hundreds of tons of minerals and salts from the Dead Sea so you can enjoy a relaxing floating experience while treating your whole body to a therapeutic experience at the same time, which is ideal for mum to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

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Prize Pack

If you want to treat your mum to a well deserved, relaxing day full of pampering at Nirvana Spa; enter this competition to win a weekday spa package, which includes a floatation experience at Nirvana Spa for two.

Question 1: Nirvana Spa’s floatation therapy pool contains minerals and salts from which sea?

a) The Red Sea

b) The Dead Sea

c) The Mediterranean Sea

Question 2: How many freshwater pools does Nirvana Spa boast?

a) One

b) Three

c) Six

All answers must be sent to [email protected]