Top Tips For Hiring A Car On Honeymoon

Millions of honeymooners could be Your wedding is the one day where it is all about you and you want everything to be perfect, however many couples feel that the honeymoon is the most important aspect of their wedding. Once the wedding is all said and done it is the perfect way to begin your new married life together and enjoy a gorgeous vacation abroad.

Hire Cars for weddings
Luxury Car Hire For Honeymoon

When it comes to planning your honeymoon it is important that you have this budgeted into the rest of your wedding plans. Honeymoons can be very expensive depending on the destination, hotel and car hire. You want to travel round your honey in style but many of us are duped over car rental insurance, new research released today shows the process of renting a car abroad is confusing for many of us.

So if you’re planning to hire a rental car on your honeymoon, what do you need to be aware of and what tips are there to ensure your costs are kept to a minimum?

Listen to our podcast with Ernesto Suarez, Chief Executive with 10 years experience in the car hire industry, including extensive work with price comparison sites where he gives his advice to honeymooners