Modern and Traditional Wedding Favours

Modern and Traditional Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are some type of small gifts given as a gesture of gratitude and pleasure from the wedding couple to its guests during the ceremony or the reception. It is an old tradition that takes us back to the English aristocracy of the 17th century. The first and most known favour was the bonbonniere which was made of porcelain or crystal and contained confections and sugar cubes.

blankAlthough in most of the cases the content of the small trinket could vary depending on the preferences of the couple, almost always it was something sweet. Sweet symbolises royalty and wealth. Moreover, for some period of time people thought that sugar had medical benefits as well. When later on the price of the sugar became more reasonable, this tradition reached all populaces. In any case, we are presenting here some of the most common wedding favours.

Almonds Coated with Sugar
Offering almonds coated with sugar or chocolate is one of the most famous and common Greek favours; it symbolises the marriage itself that is usually sweet – but also little bitter at times. Chocolate or sugar, the sweet part, is actually more than the almond, which is the bitter part. Almonds also symbolise fertility for the Greeks, and chocolate symbolises prosperity.

blankA very important meaning of this favour is that even if at some points the marriage is not doing that well, the spouses should embrace it with tenderness, sweetness and love so as to overcome the possible problems. That is the most beautiful symbolization of all.

The traditional Greek favours should include just five almonds; each one symbolises a thing: fertility, health, wealth, happiness and luck. These are the 5 main characteristics of a marriage. Coated or sugared almonds are common in many other countries as well, although they are usually offered in a different way.

Modern wedding favours
Today, there are many different flavours that are included in wedding ceremonies and receptions. There are small wedding boxes with roses and flowers that represent love and commitment.
Decorative favours are also common today. They come in fancy small things displayed at home. They can make an amazing keepsake that will let your guests remember this special and unique day. There are mini picture frames and modern albums, mugs and plates that can make a fun and useful gift at the same time.

You can choose some decorative items and personalise them with your names, monograms or other details regarding the wedding day and anything you might feel it’s important.

If you want to give your guests something that can be useful, you can opt for a wide range of things that can make amazing wedding favours for your guests. These gifts or souvenirs can range from pens, keyboards, hand warmers, salt and pepper shakers, pizza cutters, key rings, coasters and more. These items will be definitely appreciated by your guests.

Wedding favours do not need to be very expensive. It all depends on your personal preferences, taste and of course the number of guests. If you are organising a large wedding and you are on a budget, you should opt for something small and symbolic, edible or not.