Luxury Wedding Shoe Trends By Freya Rose

Freya Rose took time out of her busy schedule to talk with us about her romantic and breathtaking approach to classic couture shoes. Freya’s shoes are handmade by craftsmen who have learnt their trade through generations, made in the finest materials from Italy. The intricate detailing of these beautiful shoes truly makes for a luxurious and unique collection.

  • 5 Star Weddings: Can you tell us about how you use precious materials such as 18ct gold, diamonds and Tahitian pearls in your designs?
  • Freya Rose: Within Freya Rose a lot of our trims are made using real pearls, cubic zirconia and sterling sliver. We take this use of finest materials further through some of our bespoke pieces that have featured: heels carved in silver, 18ct gold and tahitian pearls. These couture pieces are made by goldsmiths through a lengthy process that usually takes months of research and development.

Luxury Wedding Shoes

  • 5 Star Weddings: We always love all your designs but you are particularly good at perfecting the romantic look with intricate detailing – is this style still very much a favourite with 2014 brides?
  • Freya Rose: Romance is very much the essence in our bridal designs and will always be a timeless in bridal design. This year we are taking our detailing and developing it further to create even more intricate.
Freya Rose
Reika By Freya Rose
  • 5 Star Weddings: Do bridal shoes follow the styles of fashion trends or do you find you have to be a bit more subtle?
  • Freya Rose: We are always looking to what people want and the need to be on trend with shapes and heels is often thought about here are Freya Rose. However bridal is only partially trend lead it is mainly about personality.
Freya Rose
Nadia by Freya Rose
  • 5 Star Weddings: How have brides tastes and requests differed over the years? Are brides going for heels? platforms, accessories more? If so in what way?
  • Freya Rose: Since we started brides seem to always be looking for something different yet subtle. Lately we have found that brides are looking more and more for platforms and higher heels. However we have found that like fashion bridal trends seem to work in a wheel.
Wedding Shoes
Tahiti Boudior by Freya Rose
  • 5 Star Weddings: What shoe style are you liking the most this season for brides?
  • Freya Rose: We are loving the Reiki from our latest collection, which is now available in Browns Bride. Embellished with fresh water pearls on french chantily lace, handmade silk flowers and our signature mother of pearl heel it is truly exquisite and jewel of a shoe.
  • 5 Star Weddings: Where do you get your inspiration from for your shoe clips collection?
  • Freya Rose: The beauty of the clips is they can be inspired by anything to add /change the look of the shoe. There is no limit to the materials/ colours and techniques that can be used. From collaborations with craftsmen such as Lila who makes us flowers made from clay to jewellers who make us clips made from sterling silver.
Freya Rose
Rita By Freya Rose
  • 5 Star Weddings: How would you advise brides to choose shoes to go with their dress?
  • Freya Rose: Complimenting your dress with accessories and shoes can be very different for each brides personal taste however we often recommend to mimic detailing on the dress through the shoes and accessories. Brides must also take in to consideration the shape and length of the dress that can determine different heel heights or toe shapes.
  • 5 Star Weddings: Have you started on 2014/2015 designs? Can you give us a hint as to what we can expect?
  • Freya Rose: Angels and Goddesses, unusual intricate embellishment and more gold tones
Hiko by Freya Rose
Hiko by Freya Rose
  • 5 Star Weddings: Which shoe designer is an inspiration to you?
  • Freya Rose: Rodger Vivier
Bridal Shoes
Snow Queen by Freya Rose
  • 5 Star Weddings: In your opinion what makes a 5 star wedding?
  • Freya Rose: A 5 Star wedding is made by , good food, wine, live music in a setting that reflects the couples personality. A bride wearing a beautiful pair of shoes (of course) and a true love kiss always makes me cry (in a good way!!)

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