Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration

Planning & Design by Luxus Events

Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration: Old World Glamour Inspired Editorial Shoot with Modern Elegance

The micro wedding trend will continue into 2021 and beyond, and small, luxe, intimate weddings will remain popular.

A small wedding can still be beautiful and significant in style and atmosphere; couples want it to be just as unique, perhaps even more special than a big wedding.

Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration
Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration

As weddings require fewer guests in the light of the pandemic, couples will focus more on décor, attire, cake, stationery and floral design.

The idea behind the shoot was to inspire style-conscious couples with new and exciting wedding trends and present them with more choices.

Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration
Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration

With so many restrictions imposed on couples due to the recent pandemic, we wanted to create something exciting and fun for them through fashion.

We added luxurious touches to the design creating a real wow factor to inspire couples who want to go all out and offer an unforgettable and meaningful experience that will leave their guests raving.

We used creative and modern elements mixed with timeless pieces throughout the décor, infused with many gorgeous details.

Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration
Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration

This elegant styled shoot was inspired by soft femininity and sophistication, embracing the refined sensibility of intricate and sumptuous details, which were shrouded in gentle light and delicate florals.

It’s all about joy, romance and a perfect blend of Old World glamour and modern elegance, featuring gorgeous statement pieces, such as innovative bridal gowns by Millia London, modern bridal accessories by Victoria Percival, and the contemporary style cake by the fabulous Unique Cakes by Yevnig.

The overall effect is alluring and utterly romantic, the perfect inspiration for a stylish modern wedding.

Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration
Modern Micro Wedding Inspiration

The Team

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Colour Palette:

Tones in the colour palette consisted of nude, pale blush, complemented by pops of soft peach, lilac and gold accents that speak to the fall season.

We incorporated light blue into the design by using flat-lay details and a fabulous coloured bridal gown with matching bridal accessories to complement the look.

Blue is a classic wedding colour with a trend-forward “positive” hue. It provides a calming feeling while looking elegant and whimsical, complemented by pastel colours.

The range of colours combines a feeling of comfort and relaxation with sparks of energy that encourage and uplift our moods. Couples can enjoy these colours and create beautiful and unique combinations.


A smaller guest means couples can focus more on their outfits. Many brides will likely wear more than one dress on their wedding day.

With this stunning location and romantic decor as a backdrop, our model wore two beautiful dresses by Millia London. Both feature romantic soft ruffles suitably designed for fashion-forward women.

Colourful wedding gowns are fabulous for brides looking for fun, playful, innovative styles to express their individuality and surprise their guests.


The stylish mirrored table and the sumptuous setting were complemented with a backdrop of a lush floral installation consisting of elegant roses and a romantic Parisian-style interior.

The romantic fine art wedding invitation suite embraces the soft palette, including pops of gold and elegant tassels and gorgeous botanical art.

The images captured by David Christopher Photography portray the essence of the shoot beautifully, perfectly characterising our modern bride as both graceful and confident.

What is a Micro Wedding

A micro wedding is a small-scale wedding that typically involves fewer than 50 guests. It is a more intimate and personalized alternative to traditional larger weddings, which can be more expensive and time-consuming to plan. Micro weddings often focus on quality over quantity, allowing couples to spend more time and resources on the details that matter most to them. They may also be more flexible and easier to plan, especially in the context of current restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.