Moët & Chandon’s Festive Limited Edition Champagne

2017-11-22T22:43:30+00:00 November 27th, 2014|WEDDING FOOD AND DRINK|

The French champagne Maison has just revealed “So Bubbly Bath”, a limited edition that adorns the iconic Moët Impérial with a burst of vivacious bubbles that will inspire and enliven the most luxurious weddings.

Moet & Chandon

To elevate the season’s festivities with spirit and style, Moët & Chandon has launched a series of glamorous tips on its Facebook and Instagram accounts an imperial A-to-Z style guide shared with champagne lovers around the world.

Moet & Chandon

The end-of-year season has never been so bubbly so enjoy and share the magic with #MoetMoment!

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