Nancy Shevell’s Engagement Ring

Nancy Shevell Engagement Ring

After the bitter divorce between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills hit headlines and cost him a hefty £24 million in divorce settlements, we never thought we would see Paul marching down the aisle but last week we did.

Nancy Shevell and Paul McCartney met twenty years ago in the Hamptons where Nancy and her then husband were close friends with Paul and his late wife Linda. The romance began in the summer of 2007, a few months after Paul divorced his second wife Heather Mills in a record breaking divorce settlement. Initially the meetings were very low key until all of a sudden Nancy had become a vegetarian and dropped her Republican views.

Moving her things into Paul’s houses around the world, the couple made a pact to spend as much time together in New York and London where both have children from ex-partners and finally after four years of courtship and a £400,000 engagement ring, the two married last week in London in front of 100 guests including Kate Moss, Ronnie Wood and Twiggy.

To top it all off Paul sung her a song that he’d written especially for her. We can’t figure out which we’d prefer – a personal love song or a £400,000 rock on our finger. But you don’t have to make that difficult decision as QVC has Nancy’s ring at a fraction of the cost. This Ephiphany Platinum Clad Diamonique ring for only £32.25 is sure to have you loved up whether or not you’re married to a Beatle.

Diamonique RIng
Diamonique RIng