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Navigating The Minefield Of Gifting

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Buying wedding gifts are tricky, aren’t they? If we’re being honest, there is no such thing as a prototypical wedding gift as there are so many different events of celebration, gratitude and appreciation within the wedding itself. The obvious one gift for the happy couple can be tricky to navigate, does one lean towards something practical or traditional? What about the Groom treating his Best man? Or something for the parents?

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The real question is; how would you like someone to remember the event? This is the first step towards navigating the minefield of gifting. If you would like to provide something that, when eyes lay upon it, evokes warm memories, a smile and just enough emotion then commit to it. But as I’m sure a juicer is fine too.

Gustavs Of London

“In our abundant culture, where everybody has so much, gifts don’t mean as much as they do elsewhere in the world,” says Robert Hickey, deputy director of the Protocol School of Washington. “A gift should be a distilled symbol of your relationship.”

Gustavs Of London

Believe me when I say there is an Art to how one should gift, or at least a very important checklist to address when looking to mark an occasion. Here are some keys rules to superb gift-giving:

  • The quality of the substance is partially judged by longevity, and a fantastic gift is one that will maintain appeal and relevance over the years and generations. Thus when choosing, look for something that has the ability to transcend decades and will still be functional 20 years from now. A classic example of this is the watch. A well-made timepiece has the quality to last a lifetime and even be passed down to the next generation, creating that legacy and importance to the gift. When we emphasise longevity, we define it as both qualities of product and timelessness of style.
  • Personalisation is a wonderful source of poignancy, even a subtle addition, such as initials or something bolder, like as a personal message embedded on the gift. Granted it is sometimes tricky to find the correct words, and as Brits, we are notoriously understated, thus a profound quote or excerpt from one of the life’s finer wordsmiths are worthy sources.
  • Uniqueness is of the utmost importance. Strive to make the gift as unique as possible, tailor your gift to their personality. There is nothing that unequivocally proclaims how much you value and know someone as a one of a kind gift that is a reflection of their traits, desires and passions.
  • The presentation is inherently part of the experience. Be it wrapping paper or a bow, the presentation heightens the suspense and mystery. The presentation helps the receiving party to understand that a nice gesture is being made and thus can acknowledge a fine gesture is being made. Their thoughts are not yet focused on the material or sentimental value of the gift, which of course will be outstanding in any case.



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