New Bridal Trend: Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots Abroad

We are always on the look out for new and exciting trends within the wedding industry, and one such trend is to have your Pre-Wedding in shoots abroad.  Charlotte Balbier and her now husband Teddy flew off to Ibiza for a pre-wedding shoot in the sunshine before getting married in December.

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Polly Alexandre is photographer based between London and Ibiza.  Couples can fly to Ibiza for a pre-wedding shoot with Polly Alexandre and have their wedding day shot by Polly in the UK.

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There are so many great reasons to book a pre-wedding shoot abroad, even if it’s a good excuse for a pre-honey-moon before the wedding. You can bond with your partner and photographer, and get to know your photographer so you feel relaxed and comfortable ahead of your wedding day.

Charlotte Balbier

The magic moments of your marriage can last even longer by being captured with natural photography of you and your husband to be! Charlotte and Teddy love Ibiza, it’s a place they like to visit, picking a place a couple love can give a great vibe to a pre-wedding shoot.

Charlotte Balbier

A Pre Wedding Shoot abroad is a gorgeous opportunity for a couple to spend quality time together, away from wedding planning admin, before the big day.  Amanda Wyatt (Charlotte’s mum) thought the break had brought them close together as a couple.  It’s a chance to hang out, have fun and just enjoy each other’s company, before the big day!

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Pre-wedding shoots abroad are a great way to walk, chat, laugh and shoot as a couple.  Polly Alexandre captures all the ‘couple moments,’ the jokes, laughs and tenderness.  Natural of a couple strolling, holding hands, cuddling, laughing and kissing can be divine.

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If you plan ahead and receive the before your big-day, you can create a feature of them at your wedding.

Polly Alexandre is an expert at pre-wedding shoots abroad and has been a photographer for 8 years.  Her work is renowned internationally and Polly loves capturing the joy and precious moments between a couple.  Pre Wedding shoots abroad start at £395.

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