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Pretty pastels


With summer almost upon us, the world somehow feels lighter and with it go the colour palettes. Turning from deep purple and blissful burgundy to light, fresh, airy pastels. We adore the pretty tones, but how do you go about weaving them into your wedding?

Now we’re not suggesting you go painting the rainbow around your wedding day, but it’s quite fun to use a mixture of colours if you go for a pastel palette. As the colours are so light, they won’t look garish together and can really compliment your gorgeous day. So here’s a run down of our favourite pastel palettes and how to use them for maximum prettiness!

Fancy florals

Pastel flowers are gorgeous. And summer flowers are the perfect choice for a mixed up pastel bouquet. Sweet peas are an absolute favourite of mine. And the scent with waft on the air as you cruise down the aisle – blissful! Then you’ve got blush roses, perfumed freesia and hydrangea to add to the mix.

fiona kelly 1 355x532 - Pretty pastels
Falling for sweet peas… in so many pretty pastel colours – the perfect pastel bloom. (Photo: Fiona Kelly)
Fiona Kelly Rock My Wedding 800x532 - Pretty pastels
All lined up! Using different coloured ribbons with the same flowers creates variety and fits with the palette perfectly. (Photo: Fiona Kelly)
wedluxe 532x532 - Pretty pastels
Pretty pastels and elegant blush fabric compliment the white columns and gold chairs beautifully (Photo: Wedluxe)
Featured PhotographyMatt And Lena Photography Featured Florals Martins Alves 364x532 - Pretty pastels
Pink, lilac and white together are a winning combination. (Photo: Matt and Lena Photography. Florals Martins Alves)

Darling decor

Creating tables and dressing the space to fit the pastel theme is just delightful. Watercolours for printed material – menus, place names – and playing with cute accessories like faded vintage teacups and antique lace makes a gorgeous display. Pastels may give a washed out feeling, so make sure you’re going for luxury vintage, rather than shabby and worn! Coloured table linen and even cutlery make a fun addition, and dress your chairs with fluttering fabric or ribbons – perfect for creating movement, especially at an outdoor wedding.

not on the high street 532x532 - Pretty pastels
Strong watercolours won’t wash out your wedding. (Photo: Not on the high street)
want that wedding 450x532 - Pretty pastels
How cute are these little teacups?! keeping a neutral background makes the flowers pop. (Photo: Want That Wedding)
in any event london 800x519 - Pretty pastels
Coloured linen, pretty flowers and a pastel menu make this the perfect pastel place setting. (Photo: In Any Event London)
darling juliet 355x532 - Pretty pastels
Fluttering ribbons add movement and accent your chosen colours. (Photo: Darling Juliet)

Delightful delicacies

We know that there’s always plenty of food at a wedding! And pastel colours work so well with suger-sweet temptations. A pretty ombre wedding cake fading into white, or a dessert table that’s laden with gorgeous cupcakes gives your sweet treats a wow factor. And who can resist a tiered selection of pastel macarons? Alternatively, go for white and just decorate with pastels so as not to overload with colour!

fiona kelly 800x532 - Pretty pastels
Sweet treats in pastel hues – simply scrumptious! (Photo: Fiona Kelly)
c2cac8c2c50b15f70a1589b1bdb74765 383x532 - Pretty pastels
Pastel pops!
lydia stamps photography 74 355x532 - Pretty pastels
A simply stunning macaron cake is a great alternative to traditional tiered cake. And so much more refined than doughnuts or cupcakes! (Photo: Lydia Stamps Photography)
wedding themes 101 376x532 - Pretty pastels
White is a great backdrop for showcasing pretty pastels. (Photo: Wedding Themes 101)

Gorgeous gowns

Now we need to be careful with adding colours to the centrepiece itself – the bridal gown. Straying too far from classic white may make you blend in, when you really want to shine! But a few pastel accents or details can be such an elegant addition to your dress. If you want to stick with white, though, dress up your girls in those pastel shades for a muted, beautiful rainbow.

543b3c8120999063a95238f244411f41 355x532 - Pretty pastels
Just a hint of pastel colour is a beautiful addition to this Lazaro gown.
c026be2c8bdffac984068f9b7a3ef90b 266x532 - Pretty pastels
Blush pink is so on trend and makes a perfect ombre skirt for a white bodice.
claire pettibone 1 800x517 - Pretty pastels
How pretty! Intricate embroidery makes a dress into a ‘Wow’ gown (Photo: Claire Pettibone)
kelsey rose 533x532 - Pretty pastels
A perfect pastel rainbow! (Photo: Kelsey Rose)

If you’re feeling inspired, take a peek at more of our colour palette blogs here.

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