Real Wedding At The Andaman Thailand by The Wedding Bliss Thailand

When bride and groom are from different countries and cultures, we can be sure that the wedding will have its special charm, — either in location, decoration or simply in something elusive but alluring like the mood and atmosphere.

If you think Thailand is a place for a beach wedding only, have a look at these images: Diane and Giacomo decided on a traditional church ceremony to respect a Catholic Italian tradition of Giacomo’s home country. The simple church interior was complemented with arrangements of native to Thailand orchids, which added a “destination” element into this tradition.


As bride and groom walked out from the church showered with rice and flower petals, they further made their way into their “Just Married” tuk-tuk, — a traditional Thai carriage normally used as a local taxi.

With this cute and authentic transport, they set off for a portrait shoot in a rubber plantation nearby. Accurate lines of rubber trees are amazingly lit at sunset time, — coming through their thin and elegant branches, the light becomes lucent, a liquid gold if you wish.

sandraaberg-diane-giacomo-wedding-portrait-8815Continuing the day, the couple headed to a private villa Andaman sea for their wedding reception. Guests were greeted by a traditionally dressed Thai hostess and a friendly and happy baby elephant, later enjoying their drinks and canapes with gorgeous views of the sun slowly soaking into the sea.

Real Wedding At The Andaman Thailand by The Wedding Bliss ThailandThe reception decoration was kept clean and simple, so it wouldn’t distract attention from an already gorgeous location.

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