Real Wedding | Four Seasons Fairytale

The Couple

Terrence and Kelly met almost 13 years ago as freshmen at the University of Colorado. Kelly picked Terrence out of a crowd of football players, and they quickly became the very best of friends. After nine years of friendship, they decided they meant a little more to each other and began dating… After months of dating long distance, they finally moved to Arizona to be together.

They later relocated to Nashville for Terrence’s work where, on 27th August 2014, Terrence popped the big question and asked Kelly to marry him. They relocated (again) to Dallas, Texas, and decided that’s where they’d like to marry, a year later.

Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at122857_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at123805_low

The Dress (Etc)

The bride wore a gorgeous strapless trumpet-style dress with a semi-sweetheart neckline and cinched waist. The dress featured stunning jewels on her waistline, and an abundance of tulle skirting.

The bride also wore a simple pendant necklace, and beautiful sparkling silver earrings. She paired the dress with pointed ivory pumps with a jewel decoration, and wore her blonde hair in a stylish curled semi-updo, with a floor-length veil attached.

The colour palette was primarily ivory and deep plum purple, so the bridesmaids wore gorgeous plum dresses with short sleeves, v-shape necklines and delicate beaded detail which tapered off towards the bottom of the dresses.

The bride’s bouquet was ivory with a hint of pink, while the bridesmaids carried bouquets of ivory with bright plum accents.

The groom wore a light grey suit with a plum coloured tie, as well as an ivory boutonnière to match the bride’s bouquet. The groomsmen wore darker grey suits, with plum ties to match the groom’s.

Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at124807_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at150737_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at151910_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at0944571_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at1503491_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at1725011_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at1727261_lowStevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at144048_low

The Ceremony

The ceremony was held outside, on the grounds of the Four Seasons Resort and Club, Texas. More ivory and purple flower arrangements were displayed where the guests sat, and a string trio played as the bride walked down the aisle.

It was a perfectly sunny day for a wedding, and the groom shed a few tears as he saw his beautiful bride in her wedding dress for the first time.

In an interesting twist, this unique couple also brought their adorable dogs along to share in their special day!Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at154711_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at154817_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at162153_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at162220_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at162238_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at162734_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at163003_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at163735_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at172459_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at1747361_low

The Reception

At the reception, the guests were treated to a candy buffet, including jelly beans, Swedish fish and candy straws, in order to represent how “sweet” their love was – aww! This table also held a cake decorated to look exactly like an American football pitch, complete with helmet, to represent their love of NFL.

Their actual wedding cake, however, was a little more spectacular. Five tiers high and decorated to look like a whimsical pile of stacked boxes, this blush pink cake looked almost too good to eat. The second layer from the top featured a large pink W, for Wheatley, their new married name.

The table décor was a blush pink and silver combination, with a continuation of the ivory and purple floral arrangements from the bouquets.

The newlywed’s first dance lit up the dance floor and got the party started, as guests then danced the night away.

Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at151616_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at151625_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at151631_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at151637_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at151647_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at151650_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at151727_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at151806_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at152910_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at154614_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at154620_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at154918_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at155021_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at155040_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at155146_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at155211_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at155223_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at160241_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at160330_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at170502_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at173035_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at173046_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at173240_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at175927_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at182539_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at193020_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at215334_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at215628_low Stevens_Wheatley_Fairy_Tale_Photography_20151017at2121161_low