Planning a luxury wedding – with Aimee Dunne

Aimee Dunne specialises in providing sophisticated and stylish luxury weddings and events for high-profile couples, business people and celebrities in the UK and overseas. We caught up with Aimee to get the inside scoop on organising a fabulous occasion – here’s what she told us!

“We’ve organised weddings for high profile private clients and celebrities, and of course they want their day to be very special and they often have very high expectations. When planning luxury weddings there are some key points to remember to ensure the day is truly memorable and the nice big budget is spent in all the right ways.

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The guest list

“Think about the guests. When big budgets are involved it can be easy to get carried away and spend lots on extravagant things, but the really special weddings are ones where the guests are considered. You’re inviting guests to an occasion, a truly special and memorable one and if you have the budget then really take care of them and make their day and experience exceptional from the minute they receive their invitation to when they’re leaving the venue. I’ve had clients that have thanked me after their wedding, saying that not only did they have the day of their dreams but their guests had the best day ever and can’t stop thanking them.

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The suppliers

“From a more practical perspective, you need to think about the suppliers you work with. I love to work with new suppliers but on big weddings which are complex and where logistics are key, I need to work with suppliers I can absolutely depend on and who are used to working with high-end clients and celebrities. I can’t risk someone being star struck and I need to have complete confidence in the whole team on the day. I’ve had celebrities perform at events that have very interesting last minute requests and I need a team around me that will do all they can to meet any requests celebrities ask for and ensure they’re kept happy.

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Food and drink

“Good food and wine. These are key aspects to any wedding day and one of the number one things couples should remember however big or small their budget. With luxury weddings, there are of course high expectations from the bride and groom over these. My clients are used to eating in the best restaurants and enjoying the finest of wines. Like the rest of the wedding planning, the food and wine should be an experience for the couple from the outset, from the first tasting through to enjoying it on the day itself. As a planner of high-end events, it’s my job to make sure I meet and exceed my client’s expectations over the food and wine and I work with venues and caterers that I know can meet this standard.

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“When thinking about invitations, I often need to consider if some discretion is needed over these. This will, of course, depend on the bride and groom and the type of wedding they want. Maybe some details need to be disclosed closer to the wedding date for security reasons and to help better manage the wedding. If there is a celebrity performing, some couples like to keep this as a surprise. This is all something I need to consider and often help advise on. Likewise, at high-end weddings security is something that needs to be considered. It may be a celebrity wedding or there may be a celebrity act performing and it’s my job to make sure they are looked after and managed appropriately.

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“Invite the people that matter. When there is the budget to invite many guests this can be tempting, especially with couples who are well connected and trying to please lots of people for personal and work reasons. But a wedding shouldn’t be about keeping everyone happy, especially people you might not be talking to in five years’ time. Don’t let the day be another performance where you’re trying to please everyone for the wrong reasons or one where you feel you need to meet and greet everyone attending.”

Aimee Dunne provides exceptional wedding and event planning services for high profile couples, business people and celebrities in the UK and overseas. For more information visit or call +44 (0) 208 290 4523.

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