Robbie Honey gives us the low down on the latest floral trends!

Robbie Honey is one of London’s most sought-after florists. His inspired designs and uncompromising love of exquisite quality have continued to build his profile.

Today Robbie works closely with his highly skilled team at Robbie Honey and looks after his private and fashion clients including Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani and Bulgari. 5 Star Wedding Directory talks to Robbie exclusively about new floral trends for brides and advise on the best blooms for a long lasting bouquet.


5starweddinngs: What floral trends are you seeing amongst brides requests at the moment if any?

Robbie Honey:As the crisp winter mornings descend, we are finding a huge increase in enquiries for Winter Weddings all looking to achieve their very own “Winter Wonderland”. Crystalline white spring flowers with masses of sparkle, make for a very glamorous, yet cosy winter wedding.

14733453_1785866638334831_6458943077250760704_n5starweddings: Is there any particular flower or foliage that has become unusually popular?

Robbie Honey: Gypsophila  is having a renaissance at the moment and this once unfashionable flower arranged in clouds does look wonderful.  The Robbie Honey team are particularly fond of  using familiar flowers in extraordinary quantities making Gypsophila the perfect bloom for such an effect.

Wedding Flowers5starweddings: If a bride wants her bouquet to last a while after the wedding, what flowers would you recommend?

Robbie Honey: For a hardwearing and long lasting bloom I would suggest a “Crystal Blush” Calla Lily.  Also, the bride should choose a hand-tied bouquet rather than a wired one.  After the ceremony the flower stems can be re-cut, plunged into water again and so extend the life of the bouquet.

5starweddings: Have you been adorning any celebrity weddings lately?

Robbie Honey: As you’ll no doubt understand, Robbie Honey is bound by confidentiality agreements when we work for high profile clients, so unfortunately I am unable to say anything specific but yes, we’ve had our fair share of late and it seems that marriage is still high on the agenda for those in the spot light.


5starweddings: What’s the most elaborate wedding you have created floral designs for?

Robbie Honey: It would have to be an amazing wedding we did in Iceland – 25,000 white roses were used to adorn the church and the reception.

UK Weddng Florist5starweddings: Do you get any unusual requests for floral design in general?

Robbie Honey: Yes ,we have had some extraordinary and unusual briefs over the years, which the Robbie Honey team have love d rising to the challenge an translating into wonderful flowers. Amongst other things we have created an enormous pair of red lips out of red roses for Dior and once for a NSPCC charity gala giant licorice all sorts created entirely out of carnations and rubber!

14582237_656961964467361_664012436566704128_n5starweddings: What flowers work best for UK weddings?

Robbie Honey: Roses are quintessentially English as are other garden favourites such as sweet-peas, peonies and stocks.

14474122_1295663513817455_1332453044545126400_n5starweddings: Are you able to give an indication of your average starting cost for wedding flowers?

Robbie Honey: We advise any Bride who engages us at Robbie Honey to budget, for a small wedding, between £3500 -£5000

Luxury Weddng Flowers5starweddings: What in your opinion, makes a 5 star wedding?

Robbie Honey: A 5 star wedding is all about the culmination of the whole. Your favourite people, your favourite flowers, simply fabulous food and, with a little luck, the time and space to enjoy it all.

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