Italian seaside mountain and lakeside wedding!

Italy has its sea, mountains and lakes. All of them are beautiful and charming.  Each place has characteristic landscapes, food, venues and tradition.  So which one is the right for your wedding?

Sea weddings are  for those who prefer a mild climate, the azure of the sky and shimmer of water. If that’s what you  are looking for the southern Italy will appear just like paradise to you. Rock coastline, little bays hidden, so you will need use boat to reach them, lemon terraces and sun… just beautiful locations , composed into landscape.

Magic places like Amalfi with its Cathedral, which join Italian sacral art with Arabian influences – a  perfect place for your wedding, Ravello with villas, gardens and terraces overlooking sea. Ischia and Capri islands with all beauty and the splendour of the sea. Naples with her fast, chaotic but so charming life. Many artists, poets, and writers fell in love with. Poetry, ancient culture, music, food and vine met here to give you unforgettable sensations and experiences.

Lake Como - Italy Weddings
Lake Como

Mountain weddings are  for those who want a snowy wedding, with all majesty and greatness of  Italian mountains. Romantic Verona,  with famous Julia’s house and balcony, Torino with its theatres, Royal palace, gardens , squares, Lugano with breathtaking sceneries, Treviso with Buranelli canal, many churches and palaces, this land surrounded by Alps mountains offers you places to see and live.

While tasting by fireplace delicious , warming local food, snow covered landscapes will enchant you, creating amazing scenery for your wedding photos. This place is blessed with some most spectacular sceneries in the world, an opportunity for you to choose  a beautiful setting for your outdoor ceremony.

Getting Married in Italy
Beautiful Mountains in Italy

Lake shore weddings are  for those who prefer intimacy and charm of solitude. Beautiful castles, villas all by the shore of Como lake create romantic atmosphere far from everyday chaos. Lake Maggiore, surrounded with castles, and  its two islands-  Borromean, with gardens, villas and spectacular caves.

An Incredible place for a fairy tale style wedding, Lake Lugano in Switzerland- ancient churches and picturesque villas is memorable and wonderful area for your religious or symbolic ceremony. Magical would be the only word that can describe an Italian lake shore wedding. Amazing landscapes, beauty and greenery. If ever a tale has been told it was inspirited by these lands.

Solitude or full city centre, sea, mountains or lake- Italy is just the right place for your wedding. With so many different panoramas and nature it gives you thousands of possibilities and ideas  for the perfect wedding you dreamed of. With specialities of local cuisine wonderful locations and hospitality offers unforgettable dream that will come true. All you need is just to come and… get married!

If you don’t know what kind of wedding you want, the type of venue or the right location, we have a host of Italian wedding planning specialist who are ready to make your wedding and honeymoon very special.