Special Feature: Wedding Makeup Advice

Naturally you want everything to be perfect from your hair to make up and right down to the perfect shoes and accessories that go with your gown.

No matter if you are going to be doing your hair and makeup your self or if you are going to the salon to have everything done, it is important to you that you get it just right.

Special Feature: Wedding Make-Up Advice

One thing to keep in mind is that you want your wedding makeup to look natural. You may want to practice a few days before hand so that you know that you will get it right on the day that counts. If you are going to hire someone to do your makeup you may want to have a trial run to see how it turns out.

When you are shopping for your makeup let the person behind the counter know what you are shopping for. By giving her the specifics such as the color of your gown and type of hairstyle that you are going with, she may be able to give you some suggestions. Of course if you prefer a certain brand tell her that as well.

Andjelka wedding make up artist
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If you are hiring someone, you may want to hire them for your wedding rehearsal also. This will give you a chance to see the work that they do. One thing to keep in mind with bridal make-up is that you want to use waterproof mascara. It is going to be an emotional day and you don’t want it to run.

There is always the possibility that you may make a split second decision and go with a new hairstyle such as cut or color. If you are hiring someone do to your wedding hair and make up be sure to give them a call and let them know. They may want to have a meeting with you so that they can make the necessary changes to your makeup. It may not be a major difference if you are just changing the style but the color will matter when it comes to the shades you are going to be wearing.

Elizabeth Hsieh Make Up Artist
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In looking to hire someone for the big day you are going to find that there are many make up artists that you can consider. If you have never hired anyone before it may seem a little scary in trying to make the right decision.

5 Star Wedding Directory has a list of artists that you can choose from which will be able to help you with all of your needs. They will be able to help you find that special someone that can get you through the big day looking picture perfect. Remember, waterproof mascara and stay put lipstick are going to become your best friends in your make-up bag.