Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.
Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.

Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.

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Shopping for your wedding dress in November is what savvy Brides do these days, shares Ellie Sanderson with 5 Star Weddings.

Ellie Sanderson Bridal Boutiques are widely regarded as the very best places to buy your designer wedding dress in the UK, and we have the founder herself, Ellie Sanderson, here to share with the readers of 5 Star Wedding blogs on what makes November one of the best months to go shopping for your wedding dress.

The norms have changed with timings, and girls that get cracking before the insane January rush avoid the stress but still have all the key benefits.

Finding your dream gown can be stressful enough, so starting early can help. It’s also likely that you have never tried wedding dresses before, so you want to give yourself plenty of time.

Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.
29 Atelier Meghan

November is one of the best months to try on dresses and get your wedding dress ordered.
Don’t forget that most dresses are made to order, made to your specification and size. That can take 6 – 9 months for delivery, plus a couple of months for your dress fittings.

This November is the last call for the summer of 2023 brides-to-be.

Here are Ellie Sanderson’s top five secret gems that explain why November is the best month for Wedding Dress Shopping.

Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.
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Secret Gem 1

What most girls don’t know (and why would you!) is that next year’s collections arrive in store in early November. Yes, November! These dresses are straight off the runway from London and Barcelona’s Bridal Fashion Week. So shopping in November means you will be the first to try them on. They will be crisp, pristine and sparkly new. The stylists will also be super excited to showcase the latest collections, so it’s a win-win.

Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.
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Secret Gem 2

At the same time, the new dresses arrive, and the previous year’s dresses are getting nudged off the rails and onto the January sale rail. You will be the first to see the new sale dresses AHEAD of the January launch. You may even be able to buy an eco-friendly shop sample, saving hundreds if not thousands, of pounds. Something not to miss.

Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.
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Secret Gem 3

Most fabrics are sourced in Europe nowadays, even for British brands, and price increases almost always happen in January. This year there will no doubt be some significant price changes. Shopping in November ahead of this means you will avoid such changes, which are inevitable during these tumultuous financial times.

Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.
Jesus Peiro

Secret Gem 4

There is still a massive backlog of Covid weddings, meaning timelines are longer than normal. Waiting until January to order a dress for a 2023 wedding may result in avoidable rush order fees, especially if your wedding is in the summer of 2023. Rush fees can add up to 10% to the cost of your gown.

Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.

Secret Gem 5

Bridal stores are packed on the weekends, and many shops already have appointments booked for January 2023. By booking in now for November, you will avoid the new year crush and be sure to get your personal, stress-free, one-on-one appointment.

November is the best month for so many reasons; see the new collection dresses first, hot picks on the sale rail, get measured before you indulge over Christmas, avoid the crush and relax at Christmas knowing you are good to go next year.

Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.
Montage and skirt

Ellie Sanderson Bridal Studios sell stunning luxury wedding dresses for today’s generation of brides. A blend of the best of British fused with the world’s latest up-and-coming designers.
Ellie has created a fantastic edit of wedding dresses and outfits by fusing exceptional quality and modern luxury. With three bridal studios, Ellie has the luxury of working with many labels and being accessible to brides all over the UK.

Shopping With Ellie Sanderson.
Suzanne Neville Excelsior

Some of the labels stocked at Ellie Sanderson include; Sassi Holford, Suzanne Neville, Jesus Peiro, Willowby By Watters, Anna Kara and more.

Ellie is driven to ensure that every Ellie Sanderson bride owns a dress that is perfect for her. Whether that is modern, formal or chilled-out and relaxed. All of her designers are world-class leaders in the field of Bridal fashion and they create the most exquisite dresses of exceptional quality.

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