Grand Victorian Opulence At The Grand Hotel
Grand Victorian Opulence At The Grand Hotel - 5 Star Wedding Blog

Grand Victorian Opulence At The Grand Hotel

Colmore Row Birmingham B3 2BS United Kingdom

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The concept around this photoshoot was Grand Victorian opulence meets modern-day bridal fashion and beauty. Inspiration was taken from the stunning, one-of-a-kind Grand Ballroom at The Grand Hotel Birmingham.

Grand Victorian Opulence At The Grand Hotel
Grand Victorian Opulence At The Grand Hotel – 5 Star Wedding Blog

With its Louis XIV-Style, beautifully refurbished décor, its grandeur and its double-height windows, not to mention the semi-private balcony and original art deco golden chandeliers, these beautiful elements all add to the sense of occasion, making this the spotlight of the photoshoot!

Grand Victorian Opulence At The Grand Hotel

There isn’t anything else like it in the Midlands. The hotel is an architectural treasure trove of French Renaissance, Victorian and Art Deco features. So the wedding dresses we chose needed to reflect this whilst maintaining a modern, cutting-edge style in bridal fashion. With its resplendent grand staircase and ornate Art Deco cornice hand-finished in gold leaf, style oozes from every corner of this magnificent building! And that’s why it made the perfect backdrop for our dresses and this incredible shoot.”


Choosing the right dress to shoot The Grand Staircase was important so that it captured the beauty of the striking Victorian architecture.

Grand Victorian Opulence At The Grand Hotel

The staircase within the hotel is a key feature that we wanted to ensure the dress embodied the beautifully restored staircase. For this scene, we decided to style the dress Tara from the designer Sassi Holford. Sassi Holford is a luxury British designer, and with her innovative creations, the Tara dress embraced the mixture between the new and old. 

It’s hard not to be blown away by Tara. The gown’s crowning glory is her feature skirt crafted from 3D chiffon applique that creates volume and drama as you walk down the aisle. Featuring a long sleeve-panelled bodice with crew nice and open back, it is the perfect balance to Tara’s featured full skirt.

The dress is the main feature, so we decided to go for minimal accessories for a ‚ÄėLess is More‚Äô look. A floral and pearl hair comb into one side of the hair with a soft, effortless curl. The styling came from the idea that we wanted the combination of an effortless style with maximum effect. The demure neckline and clean cuts of the dress complemented the Grand Staircase. 

The Grand Ballroom

This luxurious venue was best suited for designers with hints of tradition with modern and extraordinary detailing. For the Grand Ballroom, we styled the dresses, Phoebe and Annabel, both from the High-end classic London designer Sassi Holford.