Have Your Wedding On Sir Richard Branson’s Exclusive Necker Island

5 Star Weddings finds out from Necker Island’s Wedding Co-ordinator, Lucy Buck, what it’s like to get married on the world’s most exclusive island and what happens if Sir Richard Branson just happens to be home during your honeymoon…..

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5 Star Weddings: Necker Island is quite possibly the world’s ultimate destination, could you share the philosophy of Necker island and what it’s like to stay there?

Lucy Buck: It really is a beautiful little jewel situated in a lovely spot in the world. Sir Richard Branson refers to it as his home and favourite hideaway. It really is an idyllic island paradise and guests are encouraged to feel like they’re in their own home. While remaining professional at all time, the staff often become friends with the guests and they leave feeling they have become part of the Branson family.

5 Star Weddings: What sort of couples get married on Necker Island?

Lucy Buck: We have a real mixture really.  Many people want intimacy and are joined by a small group of their close family and friends. Some wish to come and get married on their own. We can also cater for larger groups but our usual number is around 28. We also get the odd quirky request, once we had one groom zip wire from his room to the beach whilst his bride came in on a speed boat and then she has carried off the boat and up the beach by two men dressed as Viking Warriors, great fun!
The wonderful thing about Necker Island is that we can adapt to whatever the bride and groom request and each wedding are completely tailor-made to their personal wishes. It’s simply about forward planning and lots of communication beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly.

5 Star Weddings: Has there been an outstanding wedding that you have organised and are able to tell us about?

Lucy Buck: The one above was pretty outstanding! There are so many to choose from it’s hard to pick just one.

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5 Star Weddings: Your job will be envied by many, what is the best part of being Necker Island’s Wedding Co-ordinator?

Lucy Buck: I am very lucky that I get to work at such a fantastic location.  Necker Island is beautiful and the views are simply breathtaking. We speak with the happy couple before their arrival to learn more about their wishes for the special day and we also tend to have some time with them once they’re on an island to prepare everything; so we really get to know them and fully understand their needs.   We have the most idyllic setting and fantastic props, equipment and hardworking staff, who all support me fully throughout the day.  At the end of each wedding, I always get such an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement that everything went so well for the bride and groom.  I also keep in touch with many of the couples and some have returned to Necker Island which is fantastic.

5 Star Weddings: You offer shared honeymoons on the island – this is a great idea, is it popular and how does it work?

Lucy Buck: Normally Necker Island is hired privately by an individual or group, but during Celebration Weeks, held on selected weeks throughout the year, couples or singles can book one of 14 rooms individually and share the island with others. So for honeymooners, this is the perfect option to have a little piece of their own paradise island! If honeymooners wish to spend most of their days on their own in privacy this is, of course, possible but we find that they generally like to mix with other couples who are also staying on the island.

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5 Star Weddings: What can couples expect to pay to get married or honeymoon in Necker?

Lucy Buck: Arrivals in 2011 from 1st April 2011 – from $54,500 per night for up to 28 guests ($1,946 per person per night)

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From US$85-US$120 depending on the time spent in the British Virgin Islands prior to the wedding. The cost includes the license plus the cost of essential stamp duty, plus the cost of the ceremony either on Necker Island or in the Registrar’s office.

For honeymooners who don’t wish to book the entire island, rooms in The Great House start from $26,495 and are per couple/per week during a Celebration Week.

5 Star Weddings: Does Sir Richard Branson ever visit the island when guests are staying?

Lucy Buck: Sir Richard Branson lives on Necker Island. When he is not working and travelling elsewhere in the world, Necker is where he spends most his time.  He has his own house on the hill and if guests invite him for a drink he will almost certainly accept! He also likes to help people explore his island and show them all it has to offer which the guests tend to like a lot.

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5 Star Weddings: Who prepares the food for Weddings on Necker and what sort of dishes are served?

Lucy Buck: We have fantastic chefs on the island who are highly trained and from fantastic culinary backgrounds.  The difference between us and other properties or hotels is that the guests get to be involved in the preparation of their menus for the duration of their stay and most importantly their wedding reception dinner.  The chef chats directly with the bride and groom and helps them create a menu with all their favourite dishes included. Our kitchen is always open; some guests in the past have even helped prepare lunch in order to learn from them.

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5 Star Weddings: Can you share any celebrity weddings on the island?

Lucy Buck: Unfortunately not

5 Star Weddings: What, in your opinion, makes a 5 Star Wedding?

  • Lucy Buck: It depends entirely on what the happy couple want and the great thing is that on Necker we can tailor make their dream wedding. I personally think that important factors in making a 5-star wedding are:
  • Seclusion
  • Intimacy
  • Exclusivity
  • Romantic
  • A beautiful setting with articulate planning
  • Smooth operation on the day!
  • The bride and groom get time to relax and have 100% trust in the organisers allowing them to simply sit back, relax and enjoy their special day
  • Great company
  • Never-ending champagne and drinks!
  • Scrumptious Food
  • Fun

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