Want To Know More About Kate Middleton’s Sapphire Engagement Ring?

To celebrate the upcoming Royal Engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton, and their close affiliation with the Royal Family, the Sri Lanka Gems and Jewellery Association has created a brand new website containing a wealth of information for both the media and the public in the lead-up to the Royal Wedding. The association represent the gem and jewellery from Sri Lanka which is home to the Ceylon Sapphire – the precious jewel that is in Kate Middleton’s engagement ring and which has become recognised as the signature jewel of Princess Diana.

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Image Courtesy of Ceylon Sapphire

The Ceylon Sapphire website, www.ceylonsapphire.co.uk contains essential facts, interesting statistics and useful titbits about the rare stone with a famous history. The website will be constantly updated and will be a resource for information on topics including:

  • How the Ceylon Sapphire became the signature jewel for Princess Diana after she hand picked her engagement ring from Asprey & Garrard of London
  • Why Prince William carried
  • his mother’s Ceylon Sapphire engagement ring for three weeks in Kenya before deciding to propose to Kate Middleton
  • The journey of the Ceylon Sapphire – from the Queen of Romania to Christie’s – and its history
  • Unlocking the secrets of the Ceylon Sapphire – how it is a symbol of power, wisdom and loyalty and also protects the wearer against evil
  • How the Ceylon Sapphire inspired the love story between Jack and Rose in James Cameron’s epic blockbuster Titanic
  • A secret paradise – Information on tourism in Sri Lanka and the Island of the Gems
  • A photo gallery, containing Ceylon Sapphire jewellery

Head to www.ceylonsapphire.co.uk for the latest updates on the Royal Wedding and wealth of information on the Ceylon Sapphire and its history.

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