The best advice for proposing in public

Proposing to the love of your life can be a daunting task. But once you’ve decided to pop the question, the next challenge is deciding how to do so. If you intend to marry a life-of-the-party, outgoing type with no issue being the centre of attention, proposing in public is a great option.

However, even if your partner is slightly less extroverted, there are ways to ask for their hand publicly without making them feel uncomfortable if that’s what you want to do. If a public proposal is on the cards, here’s our best advice for making it perfect for you and your beloved.

The best advice for proposing in public
The best advice for proposing in public

Aim for personal, not Hollywood.

With romantic movies setting the bar for lavish public proposals, you may feel compelled to orchestrate grand gestures to help you pop the question. Whilst there is no harm in getting inspired by movie proposals, these extravagant displays are much easier to create on a film set than in an uncontrolled public place.

In real life, there is nothing to stop bolshy tourists from taking photos practically on top of you, or to prevent a rogue toddler from having a screaming fit right in front of you – just as you are trying to create a romantic mood.

If you have your heart set on proposing near a typically busy landmark or recreating a famous romantic movie scene, plan to propose at a quieter time of day, such as the evening, and tailor the proposal for your partner. There will still be people around to cheer after your partner says yes (hopefully), but with less chance of mood-killing distractions.

It’s also wise to be fairly certain that they will say yes. With a crowd eagerly watching, people can feel pressured to say yes in the moment’s heat. If they say no, it could mean a great deal of embarrassment for you both.

The best advice for proposing in public
The best advice for proposing in public

Venture further afield

If you are a couple who enjoys exploring the great outdoors, there are endless settings that are rich in natural beauty and will allow you to keep the intimacy of your moment whilst still being in a public place.

Heading to a waterfall whilst travelling, or even your favourite dog-walking woodland at home, is a fantastic option for a public proposal with less distractions.

To ensure there are some bystanders, why not take some lucky family and friends along in secret? Having the people that matter most to your beloved can be a fun way to add some excitement to your proposal and deliver that movie-worthy scene you’ve been dreaming of.

They can also double as photographers to ensure you don’t miss capturing the moment. By proposing in a natural public space as opposed to a manmade one, you can also set a precedent for a naturally stunning, sustainable wedding theme if that is something that is important to you and your partner.

The best advice for proposing in public
Photo by Peter Hansen on Unsplash

Wherever you choose to propose, be sure to keep your partner’s likes and personality in mind. Try not to get carried away with over-the-top, lavish displays of affection and focus on your own unique love story.

Good luck, and go sweep them off their feet!