The Most Beautiful Locations in Paris Where You Can Say “I Do”
The Most Beautiful Locations in Paris Where You Can Say “I Do”

The Most Beautiful Locations in Paris Where You Can Say “I Do”

Falling in love with someone on the streets, in cafés, by the Eiffel Tower

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The best time to be in Paris is every time you’re in Paris. It’s only in this city were falling in love with someone on the streets, in cafés, by the Eiffel Tower, and in the gardens is not only possible but also almost a given.

The Most Beautiful Locations in Paris Where You Can Say “I Do”Like everything else that exudes wealth and mystique, most of the places in Paris have tales as old as time, encapsulated in the interiors and exteriors. The past glories still marvel people in the significant present.

Engaged couples find it hard to resist the old and elegant charm of Paris. If you do decide to get married in this European gem laced with extraordinary histories and fine art, here are the places you should start with.

Regardless of the time of year or season, it will most likely rain at some point during the day or night when you’re getting married in Paris. It’s not the heavy downpour, but usually, it’s light showers here and there. That is why a roofed reception is probably the best nuptial option for you.

The Most Beautiful Locations in Paris Where You Can Say “I Do”
Le Pharamond

If you’re going for intimate and cosy with a touch of classic elegance, Le Pharamond should be your first stop. This emblematic Parisian restaurant may look simple on the outside. Once you’re inside the building, though, it’s a different story—you never want to leave.

 The definitive charm of this French restaurant is embodied in every dish served. It is known for its sumptuous and traditional French cuisines. As for the interior, the rich gold and velvet details will match almost any wedding theme you may have in mind.

 The classic architecture of Le Pharamond, with its dark wood, wall-to-wall mirrors, and crystal chandelier, whispers noble luxury and grandeur. It’s an intimate spot where you can have an exclusive wedding with a limited guest list.

Another timeless piece in the city of lights is Parc Monceau. Thousands of couples have exchanged their vows in this quaint and truly Parisian park because of its effortlessly vintage appeal. Its roots trace back to the 18th century, and it is widely known as the French painter Claude Monet’s favourite spot.

The scenic outdoor setting has loads of dramatic and picturesque corners for a wedding ceremony. Even if you’re dressed in a potato sack, having a bad photo in this public park is not possible because of its natural lighting that exudes a mystifying aura.

Early morning is the best time to have the ceremony. The park has a grand staircase where most couples exchange their vows. Beautiful colonnades by the pond also serve as a tranquil backdrop for your special day and are a favourite feature among local photographers.

If you’re thinking of going bold and beautiful, then Maison Blanche should be your obvious choice. It upholds a vibrant reputation across the world—definitely the place to see and be seen in. From the moment you walk in the door, you know you’re in some of the most exquisite hands in the city.

The Most Beautiful Locations in Paris Where You Can Say “I Do”
Parc Monceau

With enough space to host the reception of a lifetime and a sultry Parisian scenery to match it with, the edifice sits on top of the equally famous Théâtre des Champs-Elysée. You’ll be immediately mesmerized by the impressive skyline views.

There’s no denying the delightfully magical feeling of exchanging vows under the Parisian sky with the Eiffel Tower and Seine River in the background. In the evening, the atmosphere pulsates with romance in dimmed mood lighting and sleek decor.

The staff prides itself on its exceptional skills, the stark balance between attentive and entirely noninvasive service. You’ll be able to enjoy the relaxing ambience all throughout the day and night while the food and wine seamlessly flow. The celebrity treatment is endlessly resonating with the warm and intimate setting of the restaurant.

The Most Beautiful Locations in Paris Where You Can Say “I Do”
Maison Blanche

You’ll be stretched to find a more fairy-tale-like location than the Musée Rodin. The elements of a divine garden wedding ceremony are all in there. Opened in 1919, it’s one of the most timeless pieces in the city and is located in the heart of Paris.

Its antique mirrors, marble floors, and vintage-toned interiors will open up a whole new world for you, far away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. Every inch of the building screams enduring French artistry and culture. The main building (Hôtel Biron), is home to almost 7,000 artistic creations, including Rodin’s sculptures.

The most important feature of the expanse is the rose garden. It is absolutely stunning and can play host to the wedding of your dreams. The Dôme des Invalides and Eiffel Tower will be your backdrop during the ceremony. It can’t get any more Parisian than that.

The Most Beautiful Locations in Paris Where You Can Say “I Do”
Musée Rodin

A Few Reminders

You have your wedding vows, wardrobe, rings, guest list, bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts on your checklist, but don’t forget to do extensive research on your chosen wedding venue. Some locations may require advance booking and have specific guidelines you need to follow. Make sure you have set aside enough budget for all the wedding necessities. If you need more budget ideas, feel free to check out the following sites: The knot, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts and Mint.

 The breathtaking views of Paris may create the ideal setting for your special day, and the occasion can only be made perfect when you take care of the little details.

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