Top 10 Tips For Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day will go by in a whirl but the taken will last a lifetime.  I Do Designer Weddings have put together some key tips to help you to choose the right photographer and make sure that you get the best out of them on the day.

These tips are intended to help you to choose the right photographer and make sure that you get the best out of them on the day.

Your photographer is the one area that I would not compromise with.  Capturing the essence and happiness behind a wedding day in pictures is a fine art; if you get the right photographer, you will love looking through your album and be transported back to the day for years to come.

Wedding Planning Tips1. Do your research

The key to finding the right wedding photographer for you is research.  If you don’t have a wedding planner to do this for you, you need to start by scouring the internet and local area for photographers that you like.

All good photographers will have online galleries and examples of their work.  Think about the that you are seeing, do they ‘talk’ to you?  Have they captured the essence of the day?  Do they have the attention to detail that you are looking for?  If you love what you see, shortlist them.

Once you have a list of five, go back through the galleries and arrange to meet the three that you like the best.  Do bear in mind that the online galleries will be their best work, so make sure that you ask to see full albums when you meet up.

2. Pre-wedding shoot

I would highly recommend having a pre-wedding shoot.  This is where the bride and groom meet with the photographer prior to the big day for a photoshoot.

It’s a brilliant way of getting to know your photographer and ensures that the taken on the day are perfect.  Your photographer can learn about what shots you like and don’t like and won’t waste time on the wedding day.  In addition it gives great confidence to people who are a little more conscious about having their photograph taken.

Many photographers offer this as standard now because of the superb results.

3. Personalities

Their work may be brilliant, but if you don’t gel with them when you meet, don’t be tempted to book them.  It is imperative that you get on with your photographer, you will be spending a lot of time with them and need to be relaxed for them to get the best shots.

It’s also important that they are able to interpret what you want and understand your ideas.

4. Style

Know what you like and don’t be talked into having something that you don’t.  Make sure that you understand the differences between different photographic styles so that you can have a meaningful discussion with the photographer.

5. The Brief

Be precise. If you absolutely have to have a close up of your shoes or cake, make sure that you say so – photographers are not psychic!  Provide a list of all the you want, but allow them some artistic license throughout the day to get the best results.

6. The Disc

How important is it to you that you have a copy of the disc containing all of your wedding photos?  Check with the photographer whether this is part of the package – some photographers still hold onto the disc, as they expect to get more print orders that way.

7. How many shooters?

Is it important to you that the preparation is photographed?  Do you want the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids?  Do you also want to capture the Groom and his Ushers tying their cravats and arriving at the venue?  If so you might need two shooters.

Make sure that you think about what you want captured and talk to the photographer about how best to achieve this.  Some firms provide two shooters as standard; others will bring in a second shooter if required.

8. Timescales

How long will they be there on the day?  Make sure that this is agreed well in advance.  If you absolutely must have shots of your ‘first dance’, make sure your photographer is planning on being around for it.

They will have been working a very long day, please make sure that you feed your photographer.  It doesn’t have to be the wedding breakfast, just ask the venue for an additional plate of hot food.

9. Travel Expenses

Make sure that you know what is covered in the costs.  The last thing you want is a final bill after the wedding for travel expenses.

10. Insurance

Are they insured? All professional photographers should have public liability and professional indemnity insurance, but I would suggest that you ask to see it.  If they have any assistance on the day they are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance so make sure of this too.

Enjoy the search and don’t forget…….  the difference between ordinary and extraordinary photographs lies with you; allow your personalities to shine through.


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