Top 10 Cake Trends For 2017


These are everywhere. Gold is big, as is silver and we are seeing a growing love of copper tones too. How you use it is where the personalisation comes in – for some designs we use it to highlight a design feature as in the cake featured here where the gold looks so pretty against a dusky pink background. Others may choose a bolder look and get an entire tier covered with either gold or silver leaf, often given an antique finish so it isn’t too perfect or contrived.

Matalic Cake


Sugar flowers are eternally popular and 2017 is no different! We are getting asked to create fabulous swathes of flowers cascading down our cakes – roses, peonies and hydrangeas are by far the most popular for weddings and happily they look stunning made in sugar!

For a more contemporary look we make a large single statement flower and position it off to one side of the cake – so eye-catching!

Floral Wedding Cake


The darker shades such as navy or midnight blue are big news right now. On a cake blue can be quite hard, so we use it sparingly as a feature, such as having just a thin dark blue ribbon or very subtly tinted hydrangea blossoms. Blue looks amazing with silver so this trend works brilliantly with our first trend!

The dress

We often refer to the dress as a primary source of inspiration for the cake. We love recreating lace effects to tie in with a lacy dress, piping work to mimic beading and ruffles on the bottom tier to recreate a ruffled skirt.

Hand painted cakes

Our silhouette cakes in particular are so popular. Usually we tell the love story of the couple, starting with them meeting on the bottom tier of the cake, proposal half way up ad the wedding ceremony at the top. The lovely thing about these is they are so easy to personalise, we have done cakes featuring mountains, beach huts, music and even dogs and children.

Hand painted cakes

Buttercream Cakes

This is such a great option for clients on a tighter budget as buttercream cakes are less expensive to make than the fondant designs. Decorated with fresh flowers they are so pretty. These styles also work well for rustic weddings as they feel less formal.


Vintage is still a strong favourite for weddings – it lends itself so well to weddings as a style as it can be beautiful without feeling formal and too contrived. Burlap ribbon, blush pink flowers – all so romantic!


This should probably be trend number 1 as every couple is keen to make their big day as personal as possible. They really want to make their day a reflection of them as a couple and the cake is definitely a part of that. It might be something subtle such as hiding a little batman logo amongst the decoration for the groom or creating subtle references to where they met. Sometimes it is really fun, such as one couple where we are making a little penguin bride and groom to go next to the cake as they got engages at London Zoo while looking at the penguins


These can be made to look like material to reflect the dress, or they might be made up of sugar blossoms for a floral look, they can be linear for a structured look or more random for something less formal. However they are made, ruffles are big news!

Ruffle Wedding Cakes

Edible Lace

Timeless, elegant and sophisticated, ace is equally popular with both groom and bride. For some we just add a little touch to soften the design, others like it to be a key feature. To really make it stand out we add white edible lace over a subtly tinted background to really make the lace stand out.

Edible Lace Wedding Cake

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