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Misty Monteverdi – A Tuscan trip


by Paolo Cicognani, Wedding & Events Planner

Val D’Orcia,  November 2016.

I was thrilled to make an appointment to visit this promising Wedding Venue in the beautiful part of Tuscany that is Val D’Orcia.

From what I had read on their website, Monteverdi is located in a small hamlet named Castiglioncello del Trinoro, and part of it was bought and renovated by an American, Michael Cioffi, who in his youth fell in love with Tuscany and decided in his later years to give a new life to this otherwise forgotten beauty and make it the gem that it is now.

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Unfortunately, November’s weather didn’t help my drive there. It was misty at first, then rainy, always cold and with poor visibility.

After leaving the main road and following a side street for a few minutes, I finally reach the village. There I take the narrow main street, arriving at the “piazza”, where I decide to park my car in front of the Village Church. When I step I out I admire for a few seconds the Church from the outside, already perceiving its historical value and my curiosity grows rapidly.
MTV221 - Misty Monteverdi - A Tuscan trip


Anja, a very kind girl, who will be my guide throughout the visit, welcomes me and shows me the desk where she will join me shortly. The first impression is really good.

While waiting at the reception I observe the furnishing details.

I notice the use of wood that is the main theme of the whole village. The reception is small, peculiarly decorated with things such as a small chair or lightly coloured fabric bags hanging on the wall. I now have confirmation of how the designer Ilaria Miani was able to give to this venue a truly unique style.

IMG 6346 1038x692 750x500 - Misty Monteverdi - A Tuscan trip

I do not know why, but from the very first moment, I instinctively associated the words “natural luxury” to this place.
Luxury” because it definitely caters to a high-class audience, although we are talking about a kind of luxury that comes from the use of locally collected materials, to create a sober style that is truly “natural” thanks to the absence of glitz and the lack of forced eccentricity.

MTV265 1038x692 750x500 - Misty Monteverdi - A Tuscan trip

Wood is present in the most varied forms of art and craft, then stones, metals and fabrics selected with great care, help to achieve complete harmony.

All rooms and villas here have their own specific style, always brilliant, simple and marked by the use of refined materials, pleasant colours, with touches of originality cleverly placed in the context. The desire to preserve the authenticity of the place is clear.

MTV230 1038x692 750x500 - Misty Monteverdi - A Tuscan trip

MTV380 1038x692 750x500 - Misty Monteverdi - A Tuscan trip


Chef Giancarla’s cuisine is an enriching experience for the mind and body. It leads back to the flavors and scents of the territory with the aim of always proposing fresh foods, protecting local producers. The vegetable garden as a source of inspiration.

The Wine Bar offers Italian and international wines by the glass, with weekly tastings that are practically wine-tasting lessons.

Another gem is the Library Room, a haven in which of course you can read a book, but you can also taste refined whiskies and liqueurs, often rare and precious.

MTV357 1038x692 750x500 - Misty Monteverdi - A Tuscan trip


Simplicity is the word here, and kindness, like the kindness that Anja showed me, taking the time and having the patience of explaining me all about the architecture and the buildings of the hamlet, like the one where Cioffi and his staff host exhibitions and keep a great number of works of art. Or like the Romanesque church of Sant’Andrea available for Religious Ceremonies or the projects that will take shape in coming months…

Special thanks go to the General Manager Massimo Romagnoli, who treated me as if I were a long time friend.

IMG 4118 1038x779 750x563 - Misty Monteverdi - A Tuscan trip


There is no ostentation here, but respect for the environment,  attention to precious details, originality, passion; all factors which combine to make this a unique place, thus “exclusive“.

W 412609b 1038x782 750x565 - Misty Monteverdi - A Tuscan trip

Staying here is like living in a small Eden, away from the chaotic world of everyday life, pampered with discretion and respect for their privacy. I believe a wedding held here would be a real life experience, not only for the couple but also for their guests.

IMG 3650 - Misty Monteverdi - A Tuscan trip

If you are a fan of Destination Wedding in Italy and you are looking for something different, this is the place to go!

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Paolo Cicognani

Weddings & Events


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