Top 10 UK Luxury Wedding Venues in London

Top 10 UK Luxury Wedding Venues in London: London is still very much an in-place to get married. There are so many places to choose that could occupy the top 10 UK luxury wedding venues in London, and it is such a subjective choice, that I have placed the venues chosen in alphabetical order rather than arranging them in precedents according to popularity or their luxurious connotations.

1. Absolut Ice Bar

Without a doubt, this has to be the place to get married in London and, although it has been placed at the top of the list due to its alphabetical context, this venue is most certainly the top of the top 10 UK luxury wedding venues in London.  is the only bar in London that is made of ice collected from Jukkasjarvi in Sweden, from the Torne River – a permanent bar where the temperature is minus 5 degrees and where restaurant dining is held in zero degrees. The Absolute Ice Bar is on the site of a former royal wine vault, at Heddon Street. Nowadays, even the glass you are drinking from is made from pure ice.

absolute ice bar wedding reception

As a venue for a wedding ceremony, The Absolut Ice Bar is certainly different. Bride and groom, together with wedding guests are each provided with a thermal cape for the 40 minutes slot allotted to you, plus room for 270 people in the function room that is heated to a cool 0 degrees C.

2. BA London Eye

As a top 10 UK luxury wedding venue in London, British Airways London Eye has to take pride of place for total originality. A bride and groom can book a private capsule for their wedding, solemnised by a Registrar from Lambeth Register Office. Each capsule has the capacity to hold both bride and groom, the Registrar and up to 20 guests.

weddings on the London BA London Eye

The wedding capsule is exquisitely decorated with flowers and the Registrar ensures the happy couple is pronounced ‘Man and Wife’ as their capsule floats over the very top of the Eye. The slow descent includes a champagne toast. Despite this being a lovely idea and so original, the bride and groom will, hopefully, have a head for heights – and it is certainly something that needs to be considered.

3. Chelsea Register Office

If any Register Office can be described as luxurious, the Chelsea Register Office can. Now, why should I include a humble Register Office among the top 10 UK luxury wedding venues in London? Quite simply, humble it may be, but Chelsea Register Office is still considered to be a cool place to get married, a trend that was established by Judy Garland who got married here and continued with a footballer for Arsenal, Patrick Vieira’s wedding, as well as many more top celebrities.

vintage weddings by lovexposed photography
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Chelsea Register Office is considered to be the busiest Register Office in London, solemnising as many as 2,000 weddings a year. The cost isn’t lavish, even though the rooms may be: just £47.50 for the marriage ceremony, leaving plenty of money available to splash out on the reception.

4. Dorchester Hotel

This is another popular place for weddings to be held and, with the hire of a room costing at least £1,000, this venue is a little more expensive than Chelsea Register Office. Nevertheless, now celebrating its 75th anniversary, the Dorchester can still be classed as one of the top 10 UK luxury wedding venues in London.

Ballroom - The Dorchester

This hotel can accommodate up to 1,000 or as little as 5, with a series of private dining rooms available to hire, each more opulent than the other. So, whether the bride and groom choose the beautiful ballroom or the elegant Crystal Room, they can rely on their wedding being celebrated in style.

5. HMS Belfast

This is the last surviving warship of the Royal Navy’s great fleet from World War II, having been launched in 1938. This beautifully restored ship has a permanent mooring opposite the Tower of London, close to Tower Bridge, off Tooley Street. There is plenty of room for a Reception for as many as 350 guests on the Quarterdeck which has been licensed for civil weddings.

HMS Belfast

Despite being considered one of the top 10 UK luxury wedding venues in London – and certainly, one that I would choose – this venue is remarkably affordable, costing between £340 to £400 plus VAT for the hire of the venue. If catering is required this is charged at a mere £19.50 per head, plus VAT which, in London, is very reasonable.

6. Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament -

So far there are only two rooms within the Palace of Westminster that has been licensed to hold civil marriage ceremonies: this is the MPs Dining Hall and the Jubilee Room. Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which the guided beauty of the underground Chapel of St Mary Undercroft can be used as a venue and, in this instance, I would most certainly rate this as one of the top 10 UK luxury wedding venues in London.

7. Kensington Roof Gardens

Tudor walled gardens, a Spanish garden with formal cloisters, English woodland and pink flamingos: now this has to be just the setting that every bride dreams of. This is the ideal venue, located 1,000 ft above the London streets of Kensington, has sufficient room for 130 guests at the actual ceremony and as many as 500 for a buffet reception.

Weddings at Kensington Roof Gardens

The Kensington Roof Gardens are probably less well-known than some of the other venues, but it certainly deserves its place amongst the top 10 UK luxury wedding venues in London.

8. Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a truly magnificent location for any wedding and a spectacular place to have your wedding photos taken. Cambridge Cottage, situated within this World Heritage site in Richmond, has been licensed for wedding ceremonies, with the reception usually being celebrated at the nearby Temperate House.

weddings at Kew Gardens

9. The Lanesborough Hotel

The Lanesborough Hotel is everything you would expect in sheer opulence, with each room more sumptuous than the next, a true contender for one of the top 10 UK luxury wedding venues in London.

weddings at The Lanesborough Hotel

Overlooking Hyde Park, even the address looks opulent on the wedding invitations. Luxury here is world-class, with each tiny attention to detail completely unsurpassed. The Lanesborough Hotel really is the epitome of true luxury and exquisite cuisine amongst the most elegant of surroundings.

10. Tower Bridge

The views from this venue must be some of the most splendid and quintessentially English, anywhere. The actual wedding ceremony is held in the Bridge Master’s Dining Room which provides unsurpassed views of the historic Tower of London in one direction and Canary Wharf in the other. Of all the top 10 UK luxury wedding venues in London, this has to be the most romantic when you consider the amount of nostalgia surrounding you.
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
The high-level walkway makes an ideal setting for the wedding reception, having sufficient room for up to 140 guests, or the Victorian Engine Room, which would be my choice, with room for up to 250 guests.
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