Mandala Love for Ananya

Luxury stationery company Ananya, launches Mandala Love Collection

Multi-award winning stationery design brand Ananya provides a first-class service, designing and producing luxury stationery for all occasions. Their iconic colourful designs are inspired by the fusion of different cultures and the latest addition to their wedding range is the alluring Mandala Love Collection.

This range features an eye-catching combination of intricate detail and rich, vibrant colours to create spectacular stationery that will wow your wedding guests. As well as focusing on the historic symbol of the mandala, the collection gives a nod to the growing design trend for the statement, geometric patterns. Vaishali Shah, Owner and Designer of Ananya says: “this collection bridges the gap between the old and the new, so it appeals to both traditional and modern weddings.” Whether you are a multicultural couple with a love for Asian design or you simply want a wedding invite that exudes charisma, the Mandala Love Collection is the one for you.

best wedding venues in ukThe mandala is a circular symbol of the universe derived from ancient Hindu and Buddhist culture. For Vaishali Shah, “mandalas also represent harmony, peace and union, which is why they are perfectly suited to weddings – a joyful occasion when the ultimate union is formed. The mandala pattern actually features heavily in the natural world around us ­– in snowflakes, dandelions and sunflowers, so incorporating this iconic motif into your wedding day stationery, is a way of connecting with nature.”

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Each of the stunning designs is hand printed using a silk screen, and this is a process of great technical precision. Ananya’s skilled craftsmen print each emblem four times, layering the colours as they go. The mandalas must be perfectly aligned to prevent any overlap or gaps and keep a clean, crisp edge. By using silk screen printing, the Ananya team can ensure the work they produce is of optimum vibrancy – creating incredible stationery with prints that pop from the paper. The bold colours not only provide the promise of summer, but also the promise of a fun-filled, lively wedding day.

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The new collection is now available on the Ananya website here