Free Guide To A Destination Weddings in Italy
Free Guide To A Destination Weddings in Italy

Free Guide To Destination Weddings in Italy

1. Getting Married in Italy: An Introduction

Destination Weddings in Italy: Known for romance, fine food, stunning scenery and unique culture, Italy is unsurprisingly one of the most popular luxury wedding destinations in the world. Who wouldn’t want to get married in the country where Romeo & Juliet (arguably the world’s greatest love story) was set?

Within its 300,000 km² area, this European country encompasses a variety of wonders to suit any bride and groom’s taste. Whether you want to get married surrounded by art and gardens in Lombardy or say your vows amongst the vineyards of Tuscany, anyone can find their perfect wedding in Italy.

View of Genoa, port city in northern Italy - Destination Weddings in Italy
Alexander Tihonov – View of Genoa, a port city in northern Italy

The mild climate is ideal for an outdoor wedding. Still, indoor-bound couples can find love in Italy’s vast choice of wedding venues – from monuments like Ca’ Sagredo to castles like Castello Bevilacqua. And you can always bring the outdoors in with a floral display from flower arrangers like Franci’s. Look no further if you’re looking for an idyllic, classy atmosphere for your luxury wedding.

Music-Ballroom - Ca' Sagredo - luxury destination weddings
Music-Ballroom – Ca’ Sagredo

2. Italian Wedding Traditions

If a luxury destination wedding takes your fancy because you love sampling local culture, you will surely be enamoured with Italy’s wedding traditions.

Castello Bevilacqua
Castello Bevilacqua

These traditions span all aspects of the wedding, from the venue to the entertainment. If you plan a Christian ceremony, expect a ribbon above the church doorway to signify your union. Fans of Italian cuisine will be pleased to know that food takes a starring role at the reception. Culinary delights on offer include everything from pizza to pasta to prosciutto. But don’t fill up too much – you don’t want to feel queasy when dancing La Tarantella! Italian for ‘The Tarantula’, this fun dance involves holding hands and moving quickly in a circle to the speed of the music.

Bella Sposa – Wedding & Travel Planner in Italy
Bella Sposa – Wedding & Travel Planner in Italy

Of course, you may not want to adopt every Italian custom. Many conventional Italian weddings scrap the idea of bridal parties, with the best man and maid of honour in the only starring roles. And if you love the veil and garter you bought, forget about the Italian tradition of ripping them for good luck!

The Italian language is one of the country’s most romantic aspects. If your guests only have time to learn a little lingo, the essential wedding phrases are “Evviva gli sposi!” (meaning “Long live the bride and groom!”) and “Auguri!” (Italian for “Best wishes!”).

3. Popular Wedding Locations in Italy

No region in Italy doesn’t lend itself well to a picturesque wedding, but some are inevitably more popular than others. Like many other countries, Italy is officially divided into ‘regions’, similar to counties. Each region is home to dozens of villages, towns and cities featuring the best wedding venues in Italy, and you’re bound to find variety wherever you go. Here are 3 Italian regions that brides and grooms across the world love.

Region: Tuscany

Tuscany is often viewed as the heart of the Mediterranean, offering a diverse mix of gorgeous Greenland and mesmerising coastlines. Many people know Tuscany for its cuisine, making it a prime destination for foodies. Fans of Chianti wine will be charmed to know that it’s produced in this region.

Those with a tame palate, a lower budget, or a large family will enjoy the foundations of Tuscan cooking – simplicity, economy, and quantity. Locally grown produce like beans (locals are known as mangiafagioli – ‘bean eaters’) and cured meats are the staples of many meals. If you prefer culture to cook, Tuscany is home to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of Italy’s most well-known monuments.

Popular Tuscan Destination: Florence

Florence is no stranger to great marriages. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot in 2014 in a famously lavish ceremony. Known for its rich historical culture, Florence is home to a wide range of wedding venues.

Hotel- Spa Castello di Velona Montalcino pool view
Hotel- Spa Castello di Velona Montalcino pool view

Whether you’re looking for a villa like Villa Mangiacane or a resort on the outskirts like Castello di Velona Resort, there’s a venue for everyone here. If you’re looking to see the sites during the days leading up to your wedding, Florence has galleries, museums, and inspiring architecture abound. The city is also perfect for buffet dinner receptions, with bread, meat, and wine prime ingredients in Florentine cuisine.

Region: Lombardy

If you enjoy glittering waters, Lombardy could be your ideal wedding location. One of its most significant selling points is its splendid lakes, including Lake Como and Lake Garda. It’s not all wet, though. Expect greenery too. Bordering on the Swiss Alps, Lombardy features grand hills and rolling valleys – the perfect backdrop for photos. Home to Milan, this region blends cosmopolitan with the countryside, drawing in couples who want a culture-filled wedding day. Thrill-seeking brides and grooms can take a ski trip, and calmer couples can take a peaceful trip around one of the region’s heritage sites. As for culinary delights, Lombard chefs challenge the Italian norms of olive oil and tomato, preferring grain, meats, and butter dishes.

Popular Lombard Destination: Lake Como

Like Tuscany, Lombardy has a celebrity wedding destination – Lake Como. The 3rd largest lake in Italy, Lake Como, has seen the marriages of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Water lovers can enjoy a quiet sailboat ride before marrying in a villa or church and enjoying a waterfront restaurant reception afterwards.

Italian Wedding Company
Italian Wedding Company

Lake Como gets less coverage than big towns and cities, so you may need the help of wedding planners in Italy who are familiar with the area. Why not enlist Visionnaire Wedding, TML Wedding, Infinity Weddings or Italian Wedding Company to assist you?

Chinese-lanterns-Visionnaire Wedding Planner

Region: Sicily

Are you drawn to Sicily because of its island charm? As the most significant Italian island, Sicily meets its grand expectations. It hosts every scenery imaginable, from swirling seas to breathtaking volcanoes. Or maybe it’s the food and drinks that pulls you in? With the Arabic influence of sweet fruits and spices, the Spanish influence of cocoa, and the Greek influence of fish and pistachio, Sicilian dishes are a melting pot of goodness.

Wedding Sicily - Wedding Planner
Wedding Sicily – Wedding Planner

Your guests will love the opportunity to engage with Sicily’s many spas and water sports before the big day arrives. The Verdura Resort is a catch-all destination with something for everyone in your wedding party, be that golf, fine dining, or wellness.

The Verdura Resort
The Verdura Resort

Popular Sicilian Destination: Taormina

As a holiday destination, Taormina has drawn in some of the most notable figures, including Oscar Wilde and Elisabeth Taylor. It’s all about the incredible views in this town. Taormina overlooks the sprawling seas and the smoking peak of the Mount Etna volcano. The atmosphere borders on magic, capturing your romance perfectly. Taormina is less well-known than many other destinations, so don’t forget to hire a planner like Wedding Sicily to help bridge the barriers with local suppliers.

4. Popular Activities in Italy

Aside from eating great food and drinking great wine, what exactly can you do in Italy during the days surrounding your marriage?

Why not start by taking your love of cuisine one step further with a vineyard or restaurant tour? These guided journeys show you a behind-the-scenes look at making some of your favourite dishes and beverages. Many vineyards and restaurants also offer cooking classes for foodies of all ages and skill levels, so they’re an ideal day excursion for large groups.

Vvoe - sculpture of Fountain of Neptune on Piazza del Nettuno and Re Enzo palace in Bologna in sunny day, Italy
Vvoe – a sculpture of Fountain of Neptune on Piazza del Nettuno and Re Enzo palace in Bologna in a sunny day, Italy

If you like tours, but you want to keep extra weight off before the big day, a gallery or museum tour may be more your style. Some of the greatest artists of our time were Italian, including Renaissance painters Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. This country hasn’t lost its love for the arts since then, displaying some of the best works in galleries like the Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museums, Vatican City), the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria (National Gallery of Umbria, Perugia), and the Galleria degli Uffizi (Uffizi Gallery, Florence). Italy’s love for vibrant culture and history is also still strong.

Couples fascinated by ancient times will love the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli (Naples National Archaeological Museum, Naples) and the Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum, Turin). Grooms inspired by fast cars will be in their element at the Museo Ferrari (Ferrari Museum, Maranello). However, couples who can’t make the trip can still get a taste of Italian classics with car providers like Canestri Autonoleggi.

Canestri Autonoleggi - Ferrari F458
Canestri Autonoleggi – Ferrari F458

Indoor excursions can be fascinating, but your guests will want to spend time outdoors too. If you’re getting married by the water, why not advise your friends and family to enjoy a blissful boat ride? Tickets will always be available for private trips, but sailing enthusiasts may wish to take the lead and hire a boat to man themselves.

Once everyone’s had enough of the gorgeous waters, the luscious greens of the land can be explored on horseback. Couples and guests alike will enjoy seeing the country’s rolling hills and quaint villages, led by one of Italy’s many regal horse breeds.

And what will your guests do while you’re busy at the rehearsal dinner? The bigger towns and cities in Italy are abuzz in the evening. Family and friends can enjoy dinner and cocktails at a high-end restaurant and then go to an upscale disco or nightclub. A stroll back to your lodging at night-time is one of the most beautiful ways to see an Italian location.

5. Best Time to Get Married in Italy

While there are no restrictions on when you get married in Italy, the time of year can dramatically change your wedding’s atmosphere.

Generally, most weddings in Italy occur between mid-Spring and mid-Autumn, around April to October. You can expect temperatures of 15 C to 30 C at this time of year, but temperatures will vary month-by-month, town-by-town. The uppermost regions of Italy are the coldest, including Lombardy (home to Milan) and Veneto (home to Venice and Verona).

Hotel Danieli – A Luxury Collection Hotel - Private Water Entrance
Hotel Danieli – A Luxury Collection Hotel – Private Water Entrance

The central cities like Rome in Lazio and southern islands like Sicily are much hotter. Despite climate differences across the country, most popular locations are rarely freezing, even in winter. Hot weather may be attractive, but remember that southern weddings at the height of summer may be too hot for you and your guests to bear. In particular, June, July and August may be uncomfortably warm – not to mention the tourist influx during these months if you’re not into crowds. - Rialto Bridge (Ponte Di Rialto) in Venice, Italy at night time – Rialto Bridge (Ponte Di Rialto) in Venice, Italy at nighttime

Suppose you’re interested in following historical traditions. In that case, you may want to avoid getting married until June or later – February, March, April, and May were reserved for religious celebrations in old Italy. August was generally avoided, too; aside from many Italians leaving the country for holidays during this month, it was also thought to bring bad luck. Of course, most locals don’t follow these rules nowadays, so don’t let them impede you!

Studio Fotografico Bacci - Tuscany Florence Wedding
Studio Fotografico Bacci – Tuscany Florence Wedding

Of course, it’s not just the date that’s important. The time of day also influences how your wedding pans out. You may have already noticed that many weddings in Italy occur in the afternoon or evening, generally after 4 or 5 PM. By this time, the sun becomes more bearable, especially for brides who marry in the hottest months.

Mauro Pozzer - Venice Wedding
Mauro Pozzer – Venice Wedding

You might have your heart set on a classic morning wedding, but a later time is something to consider. Aside from the milder weather, late weddings make for a more enjoyable day. You’ll have plenty of time to get ready, and your ceremony will lead straight into the reception with no problems.

Photojournalism - Pino Coduti
Photojournalism – Pino Coduti

Not to mention, later weddings provide the perfect opportunity for photos at sunset snapped by recommended photographers like Daniele Vertelli, Studio Fotografico Bacci, and Mauro Pozzer. Alfonso Lorenzetto and Pino Coduti

Alfonso Lorenzetto - Venice Wedding
Alfonso Lorenzetto – Venice Wedding
Daniele Vertelli Wedding Photographer - wedding emotion
Daniele Vertelli – Wedding Photographer

6. Italian Wedding Laws

The last thing you want is to plan an Italy wedding that doesn’t conform to the law. One of the most important things you’ll want to note is that Italy doesn’t permit women who have been divorced or widowed to get married less than 300 days after the date of divorce or death. If you’re in this position, you may need to apply for an exemption from the Tribunale Civile. Same-sex unions are also not recognised in Italy, so LGBT couples must marry legally in another country before planning a symbolic ceremony in Italy.

If you meet the criteria for marriage in Italy, the next step is to sort out your documents. British citizens must apply for all the proper certificates less than six months before the wedding date to avoid expiry. You’ll need to get a Certificate of No Impediment around three weeks after announcing your banns at your local registry office. In addition, you’ll want a statutory declaration from a UK solicitor. Both documents must be legalised in the UK and translated by an Italian court-accepted translator.

These laws can be challenging to understand and stressful, but a wedding planner will have no trouble assisting you with the details and requirements.

7. Why Hire an Italian Wedding Planner?

Are you thinking about tackling your wedding plans on your own? Even with the help of a few select family members and friends, planning a wedding is an enormous task that should not be undertaken alone. Hiring a planner for a destination wedding in Italy is even more critical. Getting stressed out and bogged down by the fine details and intricacies can make your special day feel like a chore. In years to come, would you instead remember getting strung along by difficult suppliers and spending weeks trying to secure a date or walking down the aisle and cutting the cake?

Kathy and Rondu By BeA – Al fresco Wedding

From language barriers to venue struggles to paperwork, local wedding planners in Italy are essential in helping you coordinate. They’ll remember everything you might forget, like transportation and scheduling, and they’ll be able to liaise with suppliers. Remember that even a luxury wedding has a budget – wedding planners will negotiate deals and ensure you stick to your financial goals. Hiring a planner saves precious time and sanity for the bride, the groom, and the more helpful guests. You can find your perfect planner here at 5 Star Wedding Directory, the best source for trusted and rated luxury Italian suppliers and organisers.

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Luxury Italian Wedding Venues

  • Villa Mangiacane Florence
  • Hotel Castello di Casole – A Timbers Resort
  • Hotel Le Fontanelle
  • Casale de’ Pasquinelli
  • Castello di Velona Resort
  • Palazzetto Rosso
  • The Gritti Palace – Luxury Collection Hotel
  • The Westin Europa & Regina Venice
  • Castello Bevilacqua
  • Verdura Resort
  • Hotel Danieli – A Luxury Collection Hotel
  • Castello di Montignano Relais & Spa
  • J.K. Place Capri
  • La Posta Vecchia Hotel
  • Hassler Roma
  • Villa Giovanelli Fogaccia
  • Relais La Costa Tuscany
  • Villa Michaela Tuscany
  • Ca’ Sagredo
  • Pometti Estate – Villa Boscarello