Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca
Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca

Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca

 entail a sacred moment that captures the long journey ahead of what it is to fully commit to a lifelong partnership. At Villa La Tosca, we help you co-create the most special day of your life with a more holistic approach that covers many areas of your health and well-being, preparing you specifically for the journey and connection with your future husband/wife, as well as indulging in and sharing those sacred moments with your friends and family in creative ways!

Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca
Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca

We have a strong mission and vision to be able to not only allow guests to indulge in a momentary experience but also give them tools and insights that genuinely can guide and aid them to have long-lasting transforming effects beyond their stay with us, to feel an increase of personal and collective wellbeing lingering after they leave our sacred space, and can carry on with them to spread what they have learned and experienced to others. 

The Pandemic has affected us all, and we feel now more than ever the importance of our team being able to introduce you and guide you into practices that can support you in the uncertain changing times present on the planet, generating more moments of collective joy, wellness, and celebration! 

What is a Wellness Wedding at Villa La Tosca?

A wellness wedding at Villa La Tosca includes our bespoke menu of signature classes and workshops, as well as the opportunity for you to co-create your ritual and ceremony with us; we help you curate this with our expert practitioners to fulfil your personal needs.

Our classes range from physical to creative, introspective of yourself to connecting deeply with others and more. All are designed to create a higher sense of wellness across body, mind and soul. You can imagine yourself in a nutrition-style cooking class, relaxing deeply with a private sound bath in our gardens or getting active on the beach with your friends and family.

Some of our sample signature classes include:

  • Sound Bath Journey
  • Physical Beach Flow
  • Morning Movement & Meditation flow
  • Fundamentals of nourishing your body 
  • Personal amulet creation
  • Master your Joy
  • Connection Dinner
  • Family Constellations
  • Massages 
  • Eye gazing 
  • Love that lasts 
  • Sunrise/Sunset Yoga

All our classes are around 60-90min, during our typical three-day wedding booking package we offer you to choose one class a day. More classes on special request. 

Why choose a Wellness Wedding at Villa La Tosca?

1. Allow yourself to destress before and during your wedding celebrations
It can be a nervous time after all the planning, meeting all the friends and family etc. Our workshops are designed to ease this process and allow for more breathing space and less rush as we take care of everything for you so you can fully enjoy and engage with your soon-to-be spouse, family and friends. Let us spoil you. 

Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca
Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca

2. Our unique location: A place to breathe in the sea on our doorstep and engage with the natural local elements that promote regeneration of the body on a mental, physical and emotional level. 

We are located in the heart of the Bassin D’arcachon, a 35-minute drive from Bordeaux. The first settlements in this area were created for people to come and heal from respiratory difficulties; the mixture of pine, sea salt and fresh air creates a unique microcosm that promotes the regeneration of our body across many different levels. 

A private gate from our property takes you right onto the beach to admire the serenity and strong healing energy that is present; the location simply asks you to slow down, watch your breath and allow yourself to be immersed in peace and tranquillity. 

Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca
Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca

Many couples have had their ceremonies on our beach in this tranquil atmosphere.

3. Create a beautiful foundation and intention for your new journey and years to come, where you learn to love deeper, live intentionally and wander freely. 

In the west, we have lost our touch for deeper rituals and connection; we want to go beyond the traditional ceremony and allow you to connect to your spouse in a different way, creating space to really set your intentions (vows) and share to each other vulnerably your expectations, fears etc. One of our workshops that cultivates this is “Love that lasts.”

Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca
Wellness Weddings at Villa La Tosca

4. Experience lasting, profound moments that are never forgotten with your closest friends and family.

Connect to your friends and family in a way different from what you are used to; our practitioners guide the experiences to create closer bonds to yourself, nature and those around you. Deepening an understanding beyond the surface, allowing each of you and your guests staying with us to discover what it means to “live well” individually and together. 

5. A portion of the funds is donated to a mission in need so we can carry on the spirit of giving and living well

We will donate a portion of our funds from wellness weddings to our partnered initiatives. We genuinely believe in creating a difference for others to live better and cultivating more resources for those in need. 

Let yourself fully indulge and relax while our team spoils you on your special day. 

We also have our standard wedding offers available.

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