Top Celebrity Honeymoon Hotspots

There are some fantastic honeymoon destinations around the world, and here we’ll give you a run-down of the top honeymoon destinations frequented by celebrity honeymooners. With these destinations you’ll be guaranteed luxury and seclusion – as usually these celebrity couples just want to escape the limelight and the press for a couple of weeks whilst they celebrate their marriage.

Camelback Mountain – USA

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain
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This gorgeous resort is completely secluded and is the ultimate in mountain luxury. Beyonce and JayZ honeymooned here in a private hotel with stunning views to escape their busy lives for a while. And who can blame them? The resort looks beautiful!

African Safari

African Safari Honeymoons
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Sometimes the most secluded you can get is hidden away in the African outback. Chelsea Clinton (the American socialite and heiress) escaped here for her honeymoon and spent her days unwinding in the beautiful outdoors / indoors style hotel.

The Maldives

<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 24622 title=Maldives src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201505maldives1jpg alt=Maldives width=730 height=473 ><noscript><a> Honeymoons In The Maldives

The beautiful Maldives are a honeymoon favourite with many celebrity couples. The Madives provide the ultimate in seclusion and privacy, with most hotels there offering private sea-front villas. The most recent celebrity pair to honeymoon here (that we know of) was Katy Perry and Russell Brand.


Tahiti Bora Bora Resort
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 24623 title=Tahiti Bora Bora Resort src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201505bora bora tahiti resortjpg alt=Tahiti Bora Bora Resort width=730 height=583 ><noscript><a> Tahiti Bora Bora Resort

Tahiti, another popular choice because of its seclusion and privacy is another choice for those couples who adore sun, sea and sand. The beautiful mountains add a touch of scenery and the landless sea and beautiful sunsets definitely add to the romance. Recent celebs to be spotted here on their honeymoon were Carrie Underwood and her husband.


Atlantis Hotel Palm Dubai
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 24624 title=Atlantis Hotel Palm Dubai src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201505atlantis hotel palm dubai 02jpg alt=Atlantis Hotel Palm Dubai width=731 height=488 ><noscript><a> Atlantis Hotel Palm Dubai

So many celeb couples have honeymooned here – we can’t even name them all! Dubai is a constant hot-spot for honeymooners, which its sandy beaches and romantic sunsets for the daytime and it’s lively nightlife and incredible cuisine for the evening. All the luxury hotel often have a strict privacy policy too – which means they can rest assured they’ll be no press photographers waiting to snap them.

Written by Elle, who loves travelling and and writing about weddings and works for Calle Arco.